Maintenance FAQ's

My projector is not triggering the screen to drop. How do I test the trigger to ensure that the screen is not the issue?

By exposing the red and green wires of the provided trigger, connect a 9-volt battery to the bare wires according to their polarity with the screen plugged in to the wall outlet. Once the wires make contact with the battery’s terminals, the screen will drop. Releasing the voltage from the battery will make the screen…

Should the Projection screen be kept in a cool dry place ? or should it be kept warm?

The material is well-made and designed to last so either storage method will work just fine. That said, make sure that the material is dry before packing it away so that the material won’t be imprinted and waterborne sediment won’t build up and soil the screen. Storing the material at an optimal room temperature will…

I notice that the materials on non-tensioned projection screens may curl at the sides while tensioned materials seem to flatter. What causes this curling?

Curling is commonly caused when a non-tensioned screen is in a room temperature below 65°F, but will maintain a relative state of flatness between 65-85°F (18.33°C-29.44°C). Curling does not distort the image, but for those interested in reducing side curls, Elite offers “FG” or a fiberglass-backed material that greatly reduces curling.