Q: Screen Material with minor Horizontal Lines?

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Upon the first time you lower the screen from its casing, the material may have a series of noticeable horizontal lines on its surface. These are known as memory lines. Memory lines are caused when the pliable projection material is rolled up and stored for the duration between its production and sale. For non-tensioned materials, you may also notice curling along the vertical edges of the screen. This is caused mainly by the material’s multiple layers contracting with a cold room temperature. Please try this easy method in order to reduce the memory lines and side curls.  After installation, leave the screen in the down position for a few days with the room temperature preferably above 75° F and then commence regular (up/down) usage as intended.  This allows the material to relax/stretch out and cure itself to your home environment. After a few days, the lines should diminish and the edge curling will relax so as not to negatively affect the projected image during its many years of its use. *Important Note:  At the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) recommended viewing distance of 3 times the image height of your screen, any line artifacts should no longer be visible.