General Screen Material FAQ’s

Q: Which Elite Screens materials are compatible with Active and/or Passive 3D technology?

Active 3D– All of Elite Screens’ materials are compatible with active 3D projectors.  The system utilized by Active 3D projector setups does result in an overall loss in brightness however. When 3D mode is activated on a projector, up to 50% of the lumen output is lost. The image brightness is further diminished as the…

What do I need to have a complete passive 3D projection system professional grade in my home/office or classroom ?

3D Polarized Silver Screen: Elite Screens Airbright3D2 on either a fixed frame or tensioned electric “roll-up” configuration. Two Projectors (DLP or LCD or Lcos), any brand ok. *Pref. matching models that have the same resolution, aspect ratio, and throw distance for the best results.

What is the best projection screen option for a ultra/short-throw projector?

Ultra/Short-throw projectors require a flat projection surface since the projector’s light is closer to the material.  Non-tensioned screen materials may exhibit minor wave or curls which may be more pronounced if using an ultra/short-throw projector.   We recommend using a Fixed Frame Screen or a Tab-Tension screen with PVC such as our CineWhite® flexible material which…