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Which Elite Screens materials are compatible with Active and/or Passive 3D technology?

Active 3D– All of Elite Screens’ materials are compatible with active 3D projectors.  The system utilized by Active 3D projector setups does result in an overall loss in brightness however. When 3D mode is activated on a projector, up to 50% of the lumen output is lost. The image brightness is further diminished as the viewer is required to use dark tint glasses.  If the majority of viewing will be done in Active 3D, Elite Screens recommends a higher gain screen materials such as, CineGrey 3D® and CineGrey 5D®, to help offset lumen loss. The following is a list of all Active 3D compatible Elite Screens materials:

  • AirBright 3D2
  • AcousticPro UHD
  • AcousticPro A1080P3
  • AcousticPro A1080P2
  • CineGrey
  • CineGrey 3D®
  • CineGrey 5D®
  • CineWhite®
  • DynaWhite
  • DynaBrite
  • MaxWhite® B
  • MaxWhite®
  • MaxWhite® FiberGlass (FG)
  • VersaWhite
  • PowerGain
  • SilkWhite
  • SpectraWhite FiberGlass (FG)
  • StarBright™ 4
  • StarBright CLR®
  • WraithVeil
  • WraithVeil2

Passive 3D– In addition to being compatible with Active 3D, Elite Screens’ CineGrey 3D® and  CineGrey 5D® materials are also Passive 3D compatible.  The benefits of Passive 3D polarized silver projection screens are that they increase the brightness of projected 3D images while allowing them to maximize retention of polarization levels. Lastly, its diffusion layer enhances contrast. Although passive 3D imaging can arguably be performed on other projection materials, the polarized silver materials optimize overall 3D performance with the best results. The following is a list of all Passive 3D compatible Elite Screens materials:

  • CineGrey 3D®
  • CineGrey 5D®