Q: What is the difference between Elite’s MaxWhite® Fiberglass (FG) and SpectraWhite Fiberglass (FG)? Why is fiberglass backing important?

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Elite’s MaxWhite® FG and Spectra White FG are very comparable as they both are self-supporting matte white front projection screen surfaces with fiberglass backing. Having a fiberglass backing is beneficial as the embedded fiber glass improves rigidity which results in a more stiff material. Thus, the fiberglass backing provides the flattest possible surface a non-tensioned screen can offer. Additionally, the fiber glass backing eliminates any side curling non-tensioned materials are susceptible to, especially under cold temperatures. Both the MaxWhite® FG and SpectraWhite FG will provide an excellent quality image in light controlled environments. The main difference between the materials is that the MaxWhite® FG utilizes a more neutral white material for better white levels. Both the Spectra White FG and MaxWhite® FG have viewing angles of 180° (90° left and right). The wide diffusion uniformity on both the materials maintain luminance levels throughout the entire surface. The MaxWhite® FG is also offered on many more of or products, whereas the SpectraWhite FG is solely available on the Starling and Starling Tension. The Spectra White FG material is also slightly thicker than the MaxWhite® FG.