What is the difference between the Evanesce (tension) B and Evanesce(tension) Series?

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The Evanesce B and Evanesce Tension B Series’ differ from the regular series in that the B Series were mainly designed for home theater applications. With that in mind, we focused on the most popular aspect ratios and diagonal sizes used in a home theater setting. We also reduced the size of the housing and motor. By focusing on fewer models and by reducing the amount of materials used for the housing unit, we were able to cut down on production costs which we in turn passed along to the consumer. The Evanesce and Evanesce Tension were designed more for commercial applications such as conference rooms and auditoriums. Nevertheless, the screens can also be installed in dedicated home theaters. The Evanesce and Evanesce Tension feature a wider array of aspect ratios and sizes, have a faster motor, and utilize a more robust housing unit. All series come with a complete remote kit and have hardware accessories that allow for either a below or above ceiling installation (excluding Evanesce Plus).