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Where can I locate my screen serial number (S/N)?

Your serial number can be found on both ends of the packaging box stickers, as well as on the screen itself. Reference the list below on where to locate your serial number depending on the type of screen: On Screen Itself:

  • Manual Screens –> end cap and weight bar
  • Motorized/Electric Screens –> end cap and weight bar
  • Tripod Screens –> rear side of casing (left hand side)
  • Fixed frame Screens –> rear side of frame (bottom frame)
  • Yard Master Screens (Folding Frame) –> rear side of frame
  • Floor Pull up Screens –> end cap
  • Yard Master Sport –> weight bar
  • Pop-Up Cinema –> User guide bag and/or stitched inside carrying bag On Outside box


my screen serial number