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About the Blog: This blog is provided to expand the understanding of consumers and industry enthusiasts alike about the often overlooked features of projectors and screens.  Although all of the topics covered on this blog are explained in greater detail by top industry engineers and associations such as CEDIA, InfoComm, CTA, ISF, CTS, &etc., this site is devoted to providing a simplified, introductory  understanding of complex topics.  The answers are presented in the textbook format as any of the afore-mentioned professionals would give them.  The only difference is that we will simplify it into more layman’s terms so that you will learn the industry terminology and the

The true intention of this blog is to answer the proverbial “questions you are afraid to ask”.  It has been observed that on many forums and other websites, honest questions are met with derisive, condescending replies.  You will not get that here.  Even the most basic question represents an  opportunity to grow and if different individuals must ask it time and again, we’ll answer it time and again.


Help and Support: If you are unable to log in/out or are experiencing difficulties in making posts or with any other blog functions, refresh the screen first before contacting our service team.  If the problem persists, please contact us at screenblog@elitescreens.com .  An alternate contact link is info@elitescreens.com or call us at 877.511.1211 during normal business hours (Pacific Time).


Site Rules:  The purpose of this site is to answer questions about the Projector and Screen industry in a friendly environment.  Therefore, we ask all visitors to be polite, considerate, and respectful.  Likewise, out intention is to also treat you with the same courtesy.  Visitors who violate the rules will be warned and their offensive posts deleted.  Repeat infractions will result in said disruptive individual(s) being blocked and all their posts (offensive or not) will be deleted.

  • Be nice.  No insulting, berating, condescending, threatening, or otherwise intimidating behavior toward the hosts, guests or other members will be tolerated.
  • Do not post anything of controversial or otherwise offensive content.  This includes statements for or against various religious or ideological beliefs, or politics. Let’s stay focused on the topic content only.
  • No profanity, lewd content,  bigoted or disturbing content in posts are acceptable.  Please keep your questions or comments G-rated.
  • No disparaging, condescending or otherwise offensive language against genders, ethnicities, racial affiliations or nationalities are permitted.
  • Your comments may contain relevant testimonial of your own experience, questions about the content, or suggestions of other topics to be covered.
  • Questions, comments and/or requests may be either posted onto the threads or sent to us privately through our email site screenblog@elitescreens.com .
  • We have many competitors and they work hard like we do to provide their customers with quality product.  Please do not trash them on this site.
  • This blog is to promote the Brands of Elite Screens as well as educate its visitors about the projector screen industry.  Promoting other brands companies or using the posts to solicit other goods and services will be grounds to immediate removal and restriction from this site.