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  • AirFlex5D™ Circular Polarized Glass

    AirFlex5D™ Circular Polarized Glass (ZAF-GC10)

    Circular Polarized Glass for DLP Projector -10pcs
    ZAF-GC10 is not only match with Aflex5D’s own circular polarized filter but also suitable for most of the passive 3D TV, such as LG, VIZIO and RealD Theater glasses. Giving you commercial-grade quality with affordable price.


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  • AirFlex5D™ AF5D-21

    AirFlex5D™ Digital Multi-Projector Stacking System (AF5D-21)

    • 3840*1080 input & 2k x 1k (2048×1080) output
    • Support HDMI 1.4 standard 3D formats from Blu-ray, game, PC and Nvidia 3D Vision 1080P 100/120Hz 3D format
    • DVI-D input port connects to DVI & HDMI signals
    • Dual DVI-D output ports to support DVI & HDMI connections
    • Embedded audio input and output via HDMI connection
    • 10-bits scaler with high performance de-interlace and scaling
    • 3D demultiplexer decodes RH/LH for passive 3D display
    • “Perfect Sync” algorithm for zero latency between RH/LH channels in 3D mode
    • User friendly OSD and IR remote control.
    • Video wall function supports up to 15×15 matrix displays with pixel base bezel adjustment
    • Support uncompressed 3840*1080 input with dual 1080p outputs for 2 full HD TV video wall display.
    • Supports Blu-ray 1080p 24Hz frame packed and PC 1080P 100/120Hz Nvidia 3D for 720p/XGA 100/120Hz active 3D display.


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  • DVI male to HDMI female adapter for Airflex5D system.

    AirFlex5D™ DVI male to HDMI female adapter (ZAF-DH-MF)

    DVI male to HDMI female adapter for Airflex5D system.


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  • AirFlex5D™ IR Remote

    AirFlex5D™ IR Remote for Aflex5D 20, 21 and 30 Series (ZAF5D-IR-3)

    • IR Remote for Aflex5D  20, 21 and 30 Series.
    • Easy setup & alignment through full-function remote


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