AirFlex5D™ Digital Multi-Projector Stacking System

AirFlex5D™ Digital Multi-Projector Stacking System (AF5D-21)


  • 3840*1080 input & 2k x 1k (2048×1080) output
  • Support HDMI 1.4 standard 3D formats from Blu-ray, game, PC and Nvidia 3D Vision 1080P 100/120Hz 3D format
  • DVI-D input port connects to DVI & HDMI signals
  • Dual DVI-D output ports to support DVI & HDMI connections
  • Embedded audio input and output via HDMI connection
  • 10-bits scaler with high performance de-interlace and scaling
  • 3D demultiplexer decodes RH/LH for passive 3D display
  • “Perfect Sync” algorithm for zero latency between RH/LH channels in 3D mode
  • User friendly OSD and IR remote control.
  • Video wall function supports up to 15×15 matrix displays with pixel base bezel adjustment
  • Support uncompressed 3840*1080 input with dual 1080p outputs for 2 full HD TV video wall display.
  • Supports Blu-ray 1080p 24Hz frame packed and PC 1080P 100/120Hz Nvidia 3D for 720p/XGA 100/120Hz active 3D display.


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