In-Wall Up/Down-ZIW-Module

The ZIW-Module is an RJ-45 input module for customized wall switch placards.

  • Enables installation of any after-market wall switch
  • Module splices to Elite Screens’ 12-volt trigger via Cat5 network cable (trigger and additional Cat5 cable not included)

  • Compatible Products : Spectrum, VMAX 2, VMAX 3, VMAX Tab-Tension 3, Home 2, Saker,  Saker Plus, Saker Tab-Tension, CineTension2, *Spectrum 2 (*if Optional Remote Kit ZPM-RT is Installed), Evanesce Tab-Tension B, Evanesce B, Evanesce Tab-Tension, Evanesce, Evanesce Plus
  • Incompatible Products : Vmax Dual®,  Vmax Tab-Tension Dual, Starling, Starling 2, Starling Tab-Tension, Starling Tab-Tension 2, Spectrum Tab-Tension 2


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