SilkWhite 2 (Matte White) 1.0 gain front projection fabric is durable for outdoor use

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  • Yard Master Lite Series
    Ultra Short-Throw
    Standard Throw

    Yard Master Lite Series

    The Yard Master Lite is a lightweight outdoor portable projection screen. Its aluminum tube frame construction allows the screen to be assembled quickly by joining the tube frames together for on-the-go presentations or movies in the backyard.
    The screen material slides through the top/bottom and left/right posts which allows for a properly tensioned projection surface. The SilkWhite 2 material is compatible with all projectors to ensure an entertaining experience for every occasion.
    A soft carrying case stores the entire product for easy transport and storage. Includes ground stakes, tethering rope, and water bags for added stability and support.


    *Be sure to use the screen only during a light breeze (up to 4 mph); it is not meant to withstand heavy winds.


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