Great Value” February 15, 2014 ezFrame CineGrey 5D® Series

Fantastic Value. Does a good job with side ambient light. I am able to keep room lights on and still keep good picture quality. Easy to put together. Only took about 30 minutes to put screen together.

Amazon.com Customer
Model Number: R110DHD5

Todd Boledovic - Amazon.com Customer Review


Great Screen, Straight Forward Installation and Performed to Expectations
After many reviews and hours of research I finally pulled the trigger on the CineGrey 5D® screen. I watched clips of other screens and am lucky enough to be close enough to Elite and the more expensive competitor, SI, to view this screen and the Black Diamond in person. There is clearly not $1700 dollars difference to justify the more expensive SI BD screen (IMO). (more…)

Ron Ferguson - Amazon Customer

The material was reasonably color neutral. It appeared to have a very smooth surface. It also had many sparkling elements to increase the gain. This material is intended to aid in rooms with significant scattered light from walls and ceilings. This is an excellent alternative to a Firehawk.

W. Jeff Meier - AV Consultant


Model Number: ZRM-135HW-CineGrey5D

“110 edgeless screen with biased lighting.”

Amazon seems to lump the cinegrey reviews together. So my review is for the cinegrey 3D®. I bought the 135 inch cinegrey 3D® designer cut. I built a 54 by 96 frame for a 110 inch diagonal.
My frame consists of a face frame made from #3 1×4’s 8 feet long. These are pocket screwed in to a rectangle face frame that is then mounted to a base frame of 2×4’s on edge. The base frame gives my face frame a 3.5 inch pop out effect. (more…)



“Well worth the money”

Currently using this CineGrey 3d screen with an optoma gt1080 short throw.
Yes, short throw. I know it’s not recommended but I see absolutely no problems. No glaring, oversaturated spots, etc. The projector is only a little more than 4′ away from the screen. In the pictures I have the celling fan light (literally a few feet away from the projector) on, as well as 2 table lamps and a reading lamp. If that doesn’t speak for the ambient light rejecting (alr) properties of this screen I don’t know what does.

The colors pop more and, after recalibration, much more realistic plus much better contrast in dark scenes.

Aeon CineGrey 3D® Series
Model Number: AR135DHD3



“Outstanding Screen very good quality”

Very satisfied with my purchase very easy to install I highly recommend it u won’t regret it overall very good purchase the picture quality is amazing. 135 inch
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“Final product looks great and I’m very happy with how it all turned…”

“The brackets are solid and well designed. Depending on the weight of your screen and how you’re choosing to mount them (wall or ceiling), the screws and drywall anchors may need to be substituted for something stronger.

My install was a bit tricky because the I had to install them into the ceiling. I was able to screw one bracket into a stud, while the other had to be mounted into the drywall. My screen weighs 30ish lbs and when I tried using the supplied anchors they started pulling out of the ceiling immediately. Thankfully I had some heavy duty anchors/screws to replace them with and all was well.

Adam M.


Designer Cut Series

This is for the cinegrey3d, and since there is not one review on amazon for this material I figured I would write one. The ambient light rejecting aspects of the material is amazing, much better then carls place alr sample I have because it doesn’t reduce the amount of briteness and in fact it makes the colors more vibrant and rich because it adds a much better level of contrast which is the one thing most projectors lack.. Trust me it’s awesome and you won’t be disappointed with it, the 3d is ridiculous. . I can only say how good it is with my projector which is an Epson 2040… Trust me it’s pretty sick..

Model Number: ZRM-135H-CINEGREY3D

Ronnie - Amazon.com Customer Review