Very strong construction, arrived in two days, great quality. Definitely recommended, good value for the $$.

khalidcz - Amazon.com Customer Review


The delivery arrived even sooner than expected. I was contacted throughout the entire delivery process which was awesome. Package completely protected, didn’t completely open it since my ceiling is 8 feet high. But its not for home, after reading instructions as the typical guy, realized I could have adjusted the legs to bring it down (laughing) But will fit perfectly where its going (20 ft high ceiling).

Humbertoon - Amazon.com Customer Review


Super fast screen setup, really is a 5 second setup.

This projector screen is the absolute easiest and fastest screen I have ever used. Works exactly as you would expect, just open box and lift screen out. The accordion style structure in the back pops up and allows adjustment to any height between minimum and maximum.

TIP: This will not work with a short throw projector as it is not tensioned like the framed screens that were discontinued.

Keep in mind that this thing with the case is as long as the width of the screen. I was not able to get mine into my building as we don’t have a freight elevator, so its staying in the garage.

QuickStand 5-Second Series

Kalen von Olnhausen


This screen is awesome and it got here super fast!! I’m very impressed.

This screen is awesome and it got here super fast!! I’m very impressed. I can’t believe it was priced so I can afford it. Ready to watch some Seahawks Superbowl Victory action!! Thank You!! *the photo is a daytime shot… the screen makes the image even brighter and more vivid than projecting onto a white wall* 🙂

Tripod Series

THE DOTKU - Amazon.com customer review


The images really popped out with Elite’s 1.1 gain

After buying a new BenQ projector, I had to replace my old Da-Lite silver screen which served me well for 15-years. Its glass beaded coating created a silk screen effect that deteriorated the picture quality. I wasn’t sure of the largest sized screen that would fit comfortably in a 12×12 room, so I rented a Da-Lite Versatol tripod from a camera store. It was the matte white version with a 1.0 gain. I was struck by how pancake flat the picture appeared; plus, it caused for an overly warm picture hue in which I personally do not like.

So I ordered from Amazon the Elite screen hoping for better results. And to my surprise, it reflected a perfect picture. The images really popped out with Elite’s 1.1 gain. It had beautiful depth and contrast to the images with a more natural color hue. The Elite also performed better with ambient light; and the added bonus was its ability to swivel the screen around so that it can be positioned near the back wall. Da-Lite couldn’t do that. That’s a huge plus within a small room as you gain nearly 2-feet of distance for a bigger picture. Well, who knew there was a big difference between the screens? I found out by accident.

Tripod Series – T85UWS1

Rich Vergo - The Jersey Shore


Exactly as described. Hight quality at a low price.

Exactly as described. Hight quality at a low price. It’ll last years and it only seems heavy if you’re an unusually frail person (regardless of gender). Based on its size it’s actually quite light. It’s obviously going to require care when carrying due to its length so that you don’t clobber someone accidentally but that’s as expected with large equipment such as this. Anyway I love it for my professional presentations at work, as I regularly address large audiences and my kids and guests love it in the backyard during barbecues to project movies and music videos onto (really adds a cool element to any outdoor party). One of the best purchases I’ve ever made! …I repeat….One of the Best purchases I’ve EVER made!

ez Cinema Series

Johnny Bravo - Amazon.com Customer Review

The crisp images that come from this super-reflective screen

he crisp images that come from this super-reflective screen have significantly improved the quality of my presentations, especially ones I make in well-lit rooms. Very easy to set up and closes firmly so I don’t have to put up with dangling legs. A nice update to my presentation tool kit.

Tripod Series – T71NWS1

Paul L Hutton - Amazon.com Customer Review


If you are reading this review, just buy this screen.

“If you are reading this review, just buy this screen. If you decide on something else, you will regret it.It took me a bit of research to locate this screen, but I am very happy that I found it.

I was looking for a portable presentation system. I was originally planning on a small pico-projector. Most of the pico-projectors produced a small image or required a very dark room. The thought of 2 or 3 people crowding around a small pop-up screen, did not impress me as being a serious presentation. This type of system would not work with family or friends either.

I decided to get a 700 lumen LED pico-projector and this screen in the 45 inch size. This ended up being a larger system than I originally planned, but it is still very portable. This screen is extremely easy to set up and produces an excellent picture. This produces a good picture for small groups (maybe more, depending on seating etc.). The room does not have to be very dark to produced a good, vibrant image. When people see the picture on this screen, it,s WOW. This is where the WOW factor comes in. because it is that impressive.

I like that this screen does not need a tripod or a large table to use. The screen can be adjusted to any height so that if you are showing a wide screen picture, you can just pull up the screen to fit the picture with no extra screen showing. The base is stable when used indoors, but would not work outside if there was a breeze. Very few other screens would work outside, but this screen is so easy to use that you get tempted to do this because of the convenience of using this screen.”

PicoScreen Series PC45W

Thomas - Amazon.com Customer Review

I purchased my screen for use at an outdoor event.

I purchased my screen for use at an outdoor event. We had a game console set up for a tournament in which the winners were playing for a brand new snowboard and a great pair of headphones. The screen worked great even in the bright conditions and allowed us to have a very interactive set-up. The competition got people very excited and engaged. We couldn’t have done it without the great screen from Elite Screens.

ezCinema Series

Chris Aiello - Product Manager, Headphones

Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful products

Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful products. We were looking for a “moveable” option for a home theater room (furniture gets moved around a lot in our house), and we came upon your tripod line of screens. We purchased a 120-inch one, love it, but we discovered we could also go quite a bit larger, as well. We purchased your 150-inch EZ Cinema pull-up screen and have had fun playing with it (and being in awe) all weekend. We can’t get over how simple it is to use – set-up and tear-down take place literally in seconds. We appreciate the sturdiness of the case, as well – we simply leave it on the floor for now so it’s ready to go again in seconds when we want to use it. Thank you again for your quality products – you have customers for life in us ! 🙂

ezCinema Series

L.B. Colorado


Designer Cut Series

This is for the cinegrey3d, and since there is not one review on amazon for this material I figured I would write one. The ambient light rejecting aspects of the material is amazing, much better then carls place alr sample I have because it doesn’t reduce the amount of briteness and in fact it makes the colors more vibrant and rich because it adds a much better level of contrast which is the one thing most projectors lack.. Trust me it’s awesome and you won’t be disappointed with it, the 3d is ridiculous. . I can only say how good it is with my projector which is an Epson 2040… Trust me it’s pretty sick..

Model Number: ZRM-135H-CINEGREY3D

Ronnie - Amazon.com Customer Review

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