L.B. Colorado

Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful products

Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful products. We were looking for a “moveable” option for a home theater room (furniture gets moved around a lot in our house), and we came upon your tripod line of screens. We purchased a 120-inch one, love it, but we discovered we could also go quite a bit larger, as well. We purchased your 150-inch EZ Cinema pull-up screen and have had fun playing with it (and being in awe) all weekend. We can’t get over how simple it is to use – set-up and tear-down take place literally in seconds. We appreciate the sturdiness of the case, as well – we simply leave it on the floor for now so it’s ready to go again in seconds when we want to use it. Thank you again for your quality products – you have customers for life in us ! 🙂

ezCinema Series