Thomas Customer Review


If you are reading this review, just buy this screen.

“If you are reading this review, just buy this screen. If you decide on something else, you will regret it.It took me a bit of research to locate this screen, but I am very happy that I found it.

I was looking for a portable presentation system. I was originally planning on a small pico-projector. Most of the pico-projectors produced a small image or required a very dark room. The thought of 2 or 3 people crowding around a small pop-up screen, did not impress me as being a serious presentation. This type of system would not work with family or friends either.

I decided to get a 700 lumen LED pico-projector and this screen in the 45 inch size. This ended up being a larger system than I originally planned, but it is still very portable. This screen is extremely easy to set up and produces an excellent picture. This produces a good picture for small groups (maybe more, depending on seating etc.). The room does not have to be very dark to produced a good, vibrant image. When people see the picture on this screen, it,s WOW. This is where the WOW factor comes in. because it is that impressive.

I like that this screen does not need a tripod or a large table to use. The screen can be adjusted to any height so that if you are showing a wide screen picture, you can just pull up the screen to fit the picture with no extra screen showing. The base is stable when used indoors, but would not work outside if there was a breeze. Very few other screens would work outside, but this screen is so easy to use that you get tempted to do this because of the convenience of using this screen.”

PicoScreen Series PC45W