Crystal Clear Brilliance: Assembling the Aeon StarBright CLR® 16 Series

The EDGE FREE® Aeon StarBright CLR® 16 is a ceiling light rejecting fixed frame screen. It has a high gain front projection surface that increases projector brightness while absorbing overhead light to produce vivid, colorful, contrast-rich images in ambient light room environments.

The thin frame design maximizes the viewing area into a smaller footprint which is more appealing in appearance and in accommodating room décor. An LED light kit is included to enhance the frame appearance and room lighting.

Screen Material

  • StarBright CLR® 16 angular-reflective front projection material for standard throw projectors
    • Not compatible with Ultra-short and Short-throw Projectors
  • Ceiling Light Rejecting technology absorbs 90% of overhead lighting.
  • 1.65 Gain increases projector brightness to produce vibrant colors and high contrast images.
  • Multi-layer optical microstructure relies on UV-resin to filter and absorb light from above.
  • Smooth non-textured surface compatible with 4K/8K Ultra HD projectors.

Design and Installation

  • Sleek EDGE FREE® design maximizes viewing area into a smaller footprint.
  • Screen material wraps around over internal framework for a tight-tensioned flat projection surface.
  • Lightweight aluminum split-frame design for cost effective shipping and facilitates easy access to installation sites.
  • Ultra-thin black aluminum bezel protects and formats the projection surface while resembling a flat panel TV display.
  • Sliding wall mounting brackets are included which allow horizontal movement of screen to properly center for a perfect installation.
  • LED kit included with Infrared remote for mood lighting and room ambiance.

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