a front projection Ceiling Ambient Light Rejecting material capable of absorbing 90% of overhead lighting

StarBright CLR® 16

The StarBright CLR® 16 is an optical-grade PET front projection screen material with ceiling ambient light rejecting technology for standard (long) throw projectors. The internal micro-structure relies on a UV-resin to filter and absorb up to 90% of overhead light. The high-gain combined with CLR/ALR technology allows projection images to present vivid, colorful, bright pictures that result in contrast-rich presentations.
The composite material eliminates the washout effect, and its black diffusion layer provides high-contrast performance to enhance color saturation and black dynamic range.

  • StarBright CLR® 16 angular-reflective front projection material for standard throw ceiling mounted projectors
  • Ceiling Light Rejecting technology absorbs up to 90% of overhead lighting.
  • 1.65 Gain increases projector brightness to produce vibrant colors and high contrast mages.
  • Patented multi-layer optical microstructure
  • Smooth non-textured surface compatible with 4K/8K Ultra HD projectors.
  • Compatible with Standard “Long” throw Projectors ONLY

Ceiling Installation

The projector should be placed between the upper and middle portions of the screen, with the bottom of the projected image positioned at a distance greater than 100 cm (39.3”) from the surface.

DO NOT install the projector higher than the screen.

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  • Color: Silver Gray
  • Thickness: 0.010″ (0.27 mm)
  • Weight: 0.37 lb. (360 g/m2)
  • On-Axis Peak Gain: 1.65
  • Horizontal Viewing angle: 80° (Half 40°)
  • Vertical Viewing Angle: 34° (Half 17°)
  • Projection Method / Type: Front – Standard Throw Ceiling or Tabletop Mounted
  • Ambient Light Rejection: 90%
  • Minimum Lens-Throw-Ratio: > 1.35:1
  • Edge Blending: No
  • Operating Temperature: 68°- 104° F (20°- 40° C)
StarBrightCLR16 Gain Chart

2-year limited warranty, and 3-year warranty for ENR-G – Education, Non-profit, Religious and Government/Military organizations

Lifetime Tech Support by Elite Screens Professional Service Team through Email, Phone or Online Form.