Outdoor Projector Screens FAQ’s

How can I sync RF remote to my Yard Master Electric / Yard Master Electric Tension screen?

Here are the instructions on how to sync your RF remote. Radio Frequency (RF) Remote Synchronization Instructions for: ZOMS-RF-W-V1.0 and  ZOMS-RF-W-V2.0 Unplug the screen’s power cable from the power outlet. Press and HOLD the UP button on the RF remote While holding the UP button, plug the screen’s power cable back into the power outlet. a. You…

Is there a way to trigger the Yard Mater Electric/Tension screen’s UP/DOWN operation other than through Radio Frequency? I am trying to send an IR sensor or 12 volt signal from a Control4 platform. Is there a way to do so without using the 12 volt RF wireless adapter? I have the adapter that came with the screen, however, the projector we are using does not have a 12-volt trigger output.

All Yard Master Electric Screens only use Radio Frequency to control the screen’s operation. If you have a projector that does not have a dedicated 12v trigger output port, you can use the ZOMS-TR12V-V2. This wireless 12v trigger accessory is included with all Yard Mater Electric/Tension with serial numbers beginning with 19AE and newer. The ZOMS-TR12V-V2 plugs…

Q: My Yard Master has lines or wrinkles on the material. Will they disappear after stretching or what else can I do to eliminate them?

Wrinkles or lines found on the Yard Master projection material in most cases disappear when the material is stretched over the frame. If in case they don’t, we recommend using a fabric steamer to eliminate any lines or wrinkles.