Is there a way to trigger the Yard Mater Electric/Tension screen’s UP/DOWN operation other than through Radio Frequency? I am trying to send an IR sensor or 12 volt signal from a Control4 platform. Is there a way to do so without using the 12 volt RF wireless adapter? I have the adapter that came with the screen, however, the projector we are using does not have a 12-volt trigger output.

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All Yard Master Electric Screens only use Radio Frequency to control the screen’s operation. If you have a projector that does not have a dedicated 12v trigger output port, you can use the ZOMS-TR12V-V2. This wireless 12v trigger accessory is included with all Yard Mater Electric/Tension with serial numbers beginning with 19AE and newer. The ZOMS-TR12V-V2 plugs to the projector’s power terminal so no 12v projector trigger is required.  Please click here for instructions on how to program the ZOMS-TR12V-V2.