Q: How do I sync my RF remote to my Elite electric screen

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Q: How do I sync my RF remote to my Elite electric screen

If your RF remote control does not work with your screen, try the following to get in synced. See below for instructions. Make sure new batteries or working batteries are in your RF remote control before proceeding with the steps. For V 2.0 electric screens.  The version number can be found on the remote control, the sticker on the screen’s end cap, or the packing box.

1. Unplug your screen from the power outlet
2. Hold the UP button on your RF remote
3. While holding the UP button, plug the screen back to the power outlet
4. Wait 5 seconds and then release the UP button
5. Now you can use your RF remote

For V 1.4-1 and below (ex 1.3, 1.4, 1.4-1)
1. Press & hold the Up button on your RF remote control so the LED light turns on
2. While holding the UP button on your RF remote, simultaneously push the small button located on the circuit board. In some cases, you can press this button through a hole on the end cap. (Please note you may need a small sharp object to achieve this.)
3. Continue to hold the UP button for an additional 3 seconds.
4. After 3 seconds, your RF remote should now by synced to control your screen.

For Instructional video please click here