How would I synchronize the up/down function of my electric screen with my projectors power cycle?

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To ensure that your projector can support a trigger application, please be sure to:

  • a. Reviewing your projectors user manual.
  • b. Contact the manufacturer of your projector. If you do find that your projector supports a trigger application, connect the Elite Electric Screen Trigger Adapter cable from your Screen to your projector’s trigger port (Please consult a professional installer for further details on wiring and installation). Since Elite Screens only provides the screen 5-12 volt RJ-45 adaptor, you will need to contact your projectors manufacturer for the trigger adaptor of the projector. Most projector manufacturer trigger ports use a mini jack plug and adaptor that may be obtained at most local electronics stores. Please consult with your dealer or projector manufacturer for further details concerning this trigger adaptor and installation.