Q: What are the ZRC1-IR Infrared Remote codes for the UP, Stop, and Down key functions?

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A: The ZRC1-IR codes are as follows.

  • UP_KEY = 0x07ED112B
  • STOP_KEY = 0x07F519C3
  • DOWN_KEY = 0x07DD089B

How to use the wireless 5-12 volt trigger feature

Requires a 3.5mm to 3.5mm mono cable (not included).
The Radio Frequency (RF) remote control serves as a dual purpose, independently as a handheld remote control, or as a Wireless 12-volt trigger. The radio frequency technology sends a wireless signal that synchronizes the screen’s drop & rise with the projector’s power cycle.

How to use the wireless 5-12 volt trigger feature

Step 1: Connect one end of the 3.5 mm mono trigger cable to the RF remote.
Step 2: Connect the other 3.5 mm mono end of the cable to projector.

  • Projector on, screen drops
  • Projector off, screen raises

Please be aware, the projector on/off cycle may take longer to fully activate. It usually takes around 20- 30seconds for full off and on cycle each time.

Note: If the wireless trigger feature does not work, please resync the RF remote to the Wall box controller per the instructions in the Radio Frequency remote section.