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AcousticPro 1080P2

The AcousticPro 1080P2 has a matte white surface with a 1.0 gain that provides excellent color neutrality for superb color reproduction along with wide diffusion uniformity.  The angular weave material is designed to allow wall-speaker sound to breathe through the screen while eliminating the visual artifact known as moiré effect. The precision angled mesh of the material allows viewers to enjoy a visually superior presentation with strong color neutrality and artifact-free performance.  The material is perfect for use with native 1080P projectors for home cinema and commercial applications.


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  • Acoustically Transparent Matte White (angular weave)
  • Gain: 1.0 / Viewing Angle: 160° (80° L/R)
  • Superb off-axis luminance
  • Optimal color neutrality; color shift is not compromised
  • Works best with 1080P DLP projectors and 720P (reduces moiré effect)
  • Black backing eliminates backlighting artifacts from light bleed-through (only on fixed frame models)
  • Mean attenuation of -2.05dB


Material NameAcousticPro1080P2AcousticPro1080P3AcousticPro UHD
Viewing Angle160°180°180°
Mean attenuation
(db loss)
Hole size0.28 mm0.178 mm0.32 mm
Detachable black backingYes, fixed frame models onlyYes, fixed frame models onlyYes, fixed frame models only
Best used with720P and 1080P projectors720P/1080P and 4K projectorsN/A
Internet protectedNoNoN/A
Maximum Seamless Fixed Frame Size
  • Sable Frame Series: 16:9 - 120" diagonal /2.35:1 - 176" diagonal
  • ezFrame Series: 16:9 - 180" diagonal
  • ezFrame Series: 16:9 - 150" diagonal
Maximum Seamless Electric Screen Size
  • Spectrum Series: 16:9 - 125" diagonal
  • CineTension2 Series:16:9 - 135" diagonal

Q: Can I buy a small screen material sample?
A: Yes, you can buy a screen material sample by clicking here.

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