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CineTension2 Ceiling Trim Kit


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Part NumbersFor use with screen model(s)
 ZCTE84V TE84VW2, TE84VW2-E30, TE84VW2-A1080, TE84VG2, TE84VR2
 ZCTE120V103C110H TE120VW2, TE120VW2-A1080, TE120VG2, TE120VR2, TE103C-E24,TE110HW2, & TE110HW2-E24
 ZCTE135V128X TE135VW2, TE135VW2-A1080,TE135VG2,TE135VR2 & TE128XW2-E20
 ZCTE84H TE84HW2, TE84HW2-A1080, TE84HC2, TE84HR2, TE84HG2
 ZCTE92H100V94XTE92HW2, TE92HW2-A1080, TE92HC2, TE92HR2, TE92HG2, TE100VW2, TE100VW2-E12,
TE100VW2-A1080, TE100VR2, TE100VG2, and TE94XW2
 ZCTE100H TE100HW2, TE100HW2-E24, TE100HW2-A1080, TE100HC2, TE100HR2, TE100HG2
 ZCTE106H* TE106HW2, TE106HW2-E24, TE106HW2-A1080, TE106HC2, TE106HR2, TE106HG2
 ZCTE120H-TE115C TE120HW2, TE120HW2-E20, TE120HW2-A1080, TE120HC2, TE120HR2, TE120HG2, & TE115C-E24
 ZCTE135H139X TE135HW2, TE135HW2-E12, TE135HW2-A1080, TE135HC2,TE135HR2, TE135HG2 & TE139XW2
 ZCTE150H TE150HW2, TE150HW2-E12, TE150HW2-A1080, TE150HC2, TE150HR2, TE150HG2
 ZCTE125C TE125C-E20
 ZCTE138C TE138C-16
 ZCTE106X TE106XW2-E24
 ZCTE116X TE116XW2


Q: Will the CineTension2 series trim kit (ZCTExxxx) work with the your previous CineTension models.
A: No, the CineTension2 series trim kit is not backward compatible with non "2" CineTension models.


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