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Universal Ceiling Trim Kit

  • Universal design with screen cradling structure is compatible with most Spectrum AcousticPro UHDVMAX 2CineTension 2 and CineTension 2 WraithVeil® Dual models for dropped ceiling installations
  • Adjustable framework provides a variable design to accommodate US measured spacing requirements
  • End cap attachments included for compatible series
  • White metal finish with open drop slot


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Part Number For Use With Screen Models
ZCU1 Home90IWV2, TE84VW2
ZCU2 VMAX84XWH2, VMAX100UWV2(XWV2), VMAX113UWS2(XWS2), VMAX119UWS2(XWS2), Home90IWH2(-E30/-A1080), TE92VW2(VR2), TE100VW2(VR2)
ZCU3 VMAX100UWH2(XWH2), VMAX106XWH2-E24, VMAX110UWH2(-E24), TE96C-E24, TE100HW2(E-36 / HR2-DUAL), TE110HW2(-E36 / HR2-DUAL), VMAXT97C78H(-E24), VMAXT110C88H(-E20)
ZCU4 VMAX120UWH2(-E24/XWH2), VMAX135UWH2(XWH2/-E24), VMAX153UWS2(XWS2), TE120HW2(-E36/HR2-DUAL)
ZCU5 VMAX150UWV2(XWV2/-E24), VMAX150UWH2(XWH2/-E24), VMAX165XWV2, VMAX170UWS2(XWS2), TE135HW2(HC2/HG2/HR2/-E24/-A1080P2), TE150HW2(-E20/HR2-DUAL)