Floor Pull-up Screen Carrying Bag

  • Floor pull-up screen carrying bag
  • Available for 60″, 72″, 80″, 84″, and 100″ ezCinema and ezCinema Plus series
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Nylon cloth material Washable


Part Number Description
ZF60V Bag F60NWV and F60XWV1 carrying bag
ZF72V Bag F72NWV carrying bag
ZF84V Bag F84NWV and F84XWV1 carrying bag
ZF100V Bag F100NWV and F100XWV1 carrying bag
ZF80H Bag F80NWH carrying bag
ZF84H Bag F84NWH and F84XWH1 carrying bag
ZF100H Bag F100NWH and F100XWH1 carrying bag



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