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  • CineWhite® UHD 2
    Standard Throw
    Ultra Short-Throw

    CineWhite® UHD 2

    The CineWhite® UHD 2 (Tensioned Matte White) is a 1.2 gain flexible front projection screen material that is certified by the world-renowned Imaging Science Foundation for achieving accurate color reproduction and image fidelity. It has wide diffusion uniformity that allows equal brightness levels over a 180° viewing angle. The versatile properties of this material make it a natural fit with either standard or ultra/short-throw projectors. The material is also suited for either residential or commercial applications. The CineWhite® UHD 2 produces outstanding images that are accurate in color and contrast in environments with controlled lighting. The surface is smooth to ensure optical image characteristics for 4K/8K high resolution projectors.

    Made in Taiwan

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  • Ambient Light Rejecting
    Standard Throw

    Spectrum Tab-Tension CineGrey 3D® Series

    The Spectrum Tab-Tension CineGrey 3D® Series is part of Elite Screens CE-Retail line of electric projection screens that uses the CineGrey 3D® angular reflective material. It’s a reference quality front projection screen material formulated for environments with minimal control over room lighting. The CineGrey 3D® was designed to enhance picture brightness, offer accurate color fidelity, and improve contrast levels. Typical matte white surfaces wash out the images when ambient light cannot be controlled. The CineGrey 3D® is the best choice for having a projected image with a balanced color temperature and contrast under such conditions.


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