Dry-Erase Whiteboard Projector Screen Accessory

Frame Border and Pen Tray

The frame border and pen tray kit provides Elite Screens Insta-DE and Insta-DE2 dry-erase projection screens with a similar conventional whiteboard look.  The frame allows the user to write within the dry-erase surface and the pen tray is a convenient place holder for all of your dry-erase pens.
Black self-adhesive durable ABS plastic frame strips

  • Matching black pen tray
  • Installation kit included for pen tray: Wood screws, hollow wall anchors & wall brackets
  • Elegantly frames all Insta-DE and Insta-DE2 models
  • Individual part numbers available for all Insta-DE and Insta-DE2 models
Part NumberFor Model NumberSeries Name
ZFP-IWB102HW *iWB102HWInsta-DE
ZFP-IWB4x10HW *iWB4x10HWInsta-DE
ZFP-IWB86VW2 *iWB86VW2Insta-DE2
ZFP-IWB97XW2 *iWB97XW2Insta-DE2
ZFP-IWB105HW2 *iWB105HW2Insta-DE2
ZFP-IWB4.2x10W2 *iWB4.2x10W2Insta-DE2
ZFP-IWB4.2x20W2 *iWB4.2x20W2Insta-DE2
ZFP-IWB4.2x30W2 *iWB4.2x30W2Insta-DE2
ZFP-IWB4.2x40W2 *iWB4.2x40W2Insta-DE2
ZFP-IWB114XW2 *iWB114XW2Insta-DE2
ZFP-IWB5x10W2 *iWB5x10W2Insta-DE2
ZFP-IWB5x20W2 *iWB5x20W2Insta-DE2
ZFP-IWB5x30W2 *iWB5x30W2Insta-DE2


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