ImpactWhite® 360

ISF Certified Products

The ImpactWhite® 360 is a single-layer tightly woven impact/projector screen fabric designed to endure golf ball impact and longevity. The projection surface is smooth and does not color shift to ensure exceptional cinema quality presentations for high-resolution projectors. It is also ideal for use with any other sport simulation applications.


*We consider our impact screens a wearable item and the life of them will vary according to their use. Avoid using golf balls with scuffs or markings to maximize the life of the screen. If possible, use new golf balls. Some creasing may occur but may be removed with a steamer and/or light ironing set to no higher than Polyester.


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Features & Benefits
  • ImpactWhite® 360 golf impact front projection screen material
  • 1.0 gain with a 180° wide viewing angle allows viewers to see a clear bright uniform picture from any angle
  • Resists golf impact and withstands ball speeds up to 200 mph.
  • 1.2 mm tightly woven polyester material offers minimal impact noise and bounce back
  • ISF Certified for accurate color reproduction – An industry standard for high-fidelity video display systems
  • Allows a clear and sharp presentation without loss of image fidelity
  • Designed and engineered to perform to high-level industry standards for cinema quality presentations
  • Available in: GolfSim DIY Series and Design Cut Series

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