StarBright™ 9 is a front projection Ceiling Ambient Light Rejecting material capable of absorbing 95% of overhead lighting. It produces accurate colors while providing the deepest blacks possible.

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  • DarkStar® Special Edition
    Standard Throw
    Ambient Light Rejecting

    Sable Frame StarBright 9™

    The Sable Frame StarBright 9™ provides reference grade video performance in either a dark room or rooms with high levels of interior lighting. Instead of the image washout common with typical matte-white projection screens, the Sable Frame StarBright 9™ blocks illumination from overhead or off-axis light sources for a bold, bright, crystal-clear image even in the most challenging spaces. When shown under optimal cinematic lighting conditions, the material lives up to its ISF certification by the world-renowned Imaging Science Foundation.

    The projection surface is bordered by a 2.3” (59.4 mm) thick aluminum frame that is coated in hand-wrapped velvet. The StarBright 9™ screen is a composite, multi-layer material designed to reject ambient light away from the viewer’s field of vision. This composite material eliminates the washout effect which destroys matte white imagery under bright room lighting conditions. The StarBright 9™ material attaches to the frame using a spring and grommet construction that ensures perfect uniform flatness. In addition to absorbing overhead ceiling light, the StarBright 9’s black diffusion layer provides high-contrast performance to enhance color saturation, contrast and black level dynamic range.


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    ISF Certified
  • Standard Throw

    StarBright 9™

    The StarBright 9™ is a lenticular front projection screen material with ceiling ambient light rejecting technology for standard (long) throw projectors. It is designed for use in environments where ambient light cannot be entirely controlled. It relies on optical filters within the material multi-layer structure to reflect the projector’s direct light while absorbing overhead light.

    StarBright 9™ offers a wide viewing angle without compromising brightness uniformity or color accuracy. An added value is that it works exceptionally well in improving black levels in dark room environments for videophile performance. The composite material eliminates the washout effect, and its black diffusion layer provides high-contrast performance to enhance color saturation and black dynamic range.


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    ISF Certified