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Elite Screens- CineTension2 Series Accessories Kit

Smartly Operate Your Projection Screens through Elitescreens’ Remote Control Mechanisms! Elite Screens has emerged as the frontline leader in the automation technologies as for the projection screens solutions for differing occasions and ambiences! The company has manufactured automatic and motorized type screens as frontrunner products of choice and appeal. Elite Screens has developed exclusive range of projection screen remote control kits that provide an all encompassing operating solution from a distance! It manufactures qualitysome and reliable radio frequency and infrared remote controls for its electric motorized projector screens. The fine remote mechanisms have been incorporated in the development of ceiling and floor rising motorized screens thus adding glamour and ease to your comfort ambience! The automation is achieved through the combination of wireless electric triggers, and efficient high resonance receivers for the remote! Smart rise and drop functions are performed with ease.

Elite Screens has developed the ZR800D Universal Learning IR Remote which works for up to 8 devices including DVD players, satellite receiver, TV and all types of electric screens from Elite Screens, for which it is pre programmed by the company.