CineWhite® A8K

ISF Certified Products

The CineWhite® A8K is a multi-layer acoustically transparent front projection screen material designed to improve higher resolution projectors 8K and beyond. The CineWhite® A8K has an ultra-fine knit weave that reduces light loss to provide a bright uniform picture in a dark room environment. It includes a bonded black backing to provide better black levels, color reproduction and prevents light leakage.


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Product Features
  • CineWhite® A8K Acoustically Transparent Front Projection Material
  • Gain: 1.1 with a wide 170° viewing angle
  • Mean attenuation of -2.96 dB
  • Multi-layer fine knit weave designed for high resolution projectors negates the formation of moiré effect
  • Integrated black-backing eliminates light bleed and light loss
  • Compatible with ultra/short, and standard throw projectors
  • ISF Certified for Accurate Color Reproduction – An Industry Standard for High Fidelity Video Display Systems

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