Remotes & Controls

ZR800D Universal Learning IR Remote

The ZR800D is a Universal Learning IR remote.  It is pre-programmed to control all of Elite Screens electric products.

  • Macro Key store a sequence of 10 commands
  • Controls up to 8 devices including DVD players, TVs, Satellite Receivers, VCRs, Elite screens, Projectors, AUX1s and AUX2s.
  • Learn the IR codes from existing remote controls to quickly set up devices
  • Pre-programmed manufacturer’s device codes for many models
  • Programmable buttons for each device key and 53 hard buttons
  • Light keys with fluorescence materials injected into the keys
  • Code memory storage
  • Low battery indicator
  • Volume lock
  • Device lock
  • Dimension (W*H*D): 2″ * 8.7″ * 0.87″
  • Weight:(With Batteries): 0.3lbs
  • LCD Screen


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