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Yard Master Rear Series Review

"Great screen and excelent portibility-This screen is of very good quality in my opinion, not that I can afford to purchase a bunch of these and compare them side by side. I have yet to test it outdoors but works great to set up inside for movie nights. I have found that I set up the frame, pull the screen over the frame, steam out the wrinkles with a fabric steamer and then tighten up the Velcro straps on the back to make the screen taught. That seems to work best so that you don't have wrinkles on the screen. If you pull it taught first then steam it, you end up with saggy parts of the screen."
-Nate Ratcliff, May 6, 2014
Model Number: OMS100H

Yard Master 2 Rear Series Review

"You can't see it during the day but when the sun starts to go down around 630 or so it's perfect."

I plan on doing a video review soon. I have a 3000 lumen projector and it works extremely well. You can't see it during the day but when the sun starts to go down around 630 or so it's perfect. At some point I probably will get a more powerful projector, but this thing is amazing. You can use a rear projection in more light than you can a front. This is insanely bright on the front of the screen. I don't understand why it looks so good but I'm impressed. It's bright and looks amazing. I was a little worried about how long it would take me to set it up but I've timed myself now and I set this thing up in about 11 minutes. Just by myself. I keep the stakes, rope, and eyes on and already tied up so all I have to do is screw on the eye and stake it which is quick. The hardest part is stretching the screen but if you do it the way the instructions state then you won't have a problem. Taking it down is even easier. 8 minutes really to take it down. Literally the best item I've purchased for my pool. You don't need a powerful projector either. I have a 200 lumen that works perfectly with it, it of course it needs to be probably 730 or so in order to see that one well. I really would recommend this. Especially over a front projection. I use this with my pool and this protects the projector and I don't have to worry about the screen. It's plastic and if it gets wet I just wipe it off later. I highly recommend this.

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From an Customer Review
Yard Master 2 Rear Series, Model Number: 

Honestly, I should be a bit more hush, hush about this screen, but happy to report that it has been a great purchase.

I am in the A/V and DJ business and around this type of gear on a regular basis (Da-lite, Draper . . etc/
For the price I decided to give it a shot and utilize it for family and/or business outdoor movie nights.
Knock on wood, but I am exceptionally pleased with this item. The Wraith Veil screen really makes the image Pop.
I am using a 4500 lumen Projector (Vivitek DW868) and have run Blu-ray and standard DVD with success.

Grant it that I do this type of a thing for a living, BUT believe that the average home user will have little to no problem
putting this together.

1) Fold out the screen frame and make sure all buttons are clicked into place.
**Tip - do not push the corner braces tight until you have the screen on
2) I personally put the screen on next - snap one corner, then the opposite and work around
3) Keep front of screen facing up.
4) Add Legs and flip front legs up so that the leg and screen are at a right angle L
5) Get helper to lift screen on leg and lock back let into place

**Do utilize the black contrasting borders to help align your image**

Cons - The frame, although more robust than expected, this is not as sturdy as a Da-Lite or Draper screen.....however it's at 1/4 the cost
and with a little care should last for many years.

Amazon Customer
Yard Master 2 Rear Series
Model Number: OMS120HR2
From an Customer Review

ezFrame Rear Series Review

"Great Screen, Straight Forward Installation and Performed to Expectations" July 29, 2014- ezFrame CineGrey 5D® Series
"After many reviews and hours of research I finally pulled the trigger on the CineGrey 5D® screen. I watched clips of other screens and am lucky enough to be close enough to Elite and the more expensive competitor, SI, to view this screen and the Black Diamond in person. There is clearly not $1700 dollars difference to justify the more expensive SI BD screen (IMO).
Installation: I was prepared for an exercise in futility after reading some of the other reviews here with regards to putting this together. I cleared an open space, laid down two bed sheets over the hardwood and followed the instructions to put it together. Bolting the frame together was a snap. The instructions were clear and being able to lay it all out made is a snap. The felt overlay has a few little shoddy spots (Black Sharpie fixed that) and doesn't perfectly align in one joint, but it's nothing anyone but me will notice. A cordless power drill had this thing together in about 10 minutes.
The screen, once laid out on the frame was fairly self explanatory. The nice little red arrows on the frame showing where the snaps lock in was a nice addition. The plastic tubes go in like a tent (Make sure to have the shorter ones on the horizontal and the two long ones on the vertical) and then I placed them in the grooved frame and went around the frame pulling it tight and pushing the screen into place and locking it in place with the snaps. I took my time here and stopped a for a beer, but in all it took no more than 15 minutes to get the screen in place. I was a little worried, because once I completed it there were some waves in the bottom of the screen. Not to fear, once the brace was locked into place it pulled everything very tight. I now had a perfectly smooth ready to hang screen. Piece of cake.
Viewing Experience: This section will have an update once my Benq W1070 arrives this week. I used my conference projector as an initial test case. It's an Epson. EX5220, super simple conference room projector and not intended for home theater. I fired it up with the HDMI output from my cable box with no lights and my initial impression was wow. I couldn't believe the picture from this no frills business projector. This thing usually looks washed out with no color pop at all. Then I turned all the lights on in the living room. There are no less than 6 LED lights on and the picture was unfazed. Once again, I was shocked at the picture. Little to no washout at all. Then came the next day. At 2 in the afternoon it's the brightest my living room gets. While there is no direct light, it's still full on daytime. The picture was once again fully watchable with very little washout at all. My wife couldn't tell the difference between the night with all the lights on and the day with the blinds open. I'll give a full review with video once the Benq is installed.
I would recommend this screen for anyone with ambient light issues. You're never going to get the same picture as a fully blacked out room, but IMO this is about as close as you are going to get with the lights on. Also, don't expect miracles if you have sunlight shining directly on your screen. Heck, even LCD and Plasmas have issues displaying properly with that problem. Get it, you won't be disappointed.”
Ron Ferguson
From an Customer Review 
ezFrame Series
Model Number: R100DHD5