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Aeon CineGrey 4D AT Series

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The Aeon CineGrey 4D AT is an acoustically transparent EDGE FREE® fixed frame screen with ambient light rejecting technology. It is perforated to allow speaker placement behind the screen to allow sound to breathe through while producing outstanding imagery in dark or bright room environments. The screen material is wrapped around the frame which enables it to have a flat and taut permanently tensioned front projection surface. An LED kit is available and sold separately.


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Product Features

Screen Material

  • CineGrey 4D AT 1.1 Gain sound transparent ambient light rejecting front projection material
  • Angular-Reflective Material for standard “long” throw projectors (Not compatible with Ultra/Short-Throw Projectors)
  • Multi-matrix layer uses reflective and absorbent micro-particles to eliminate 63% ambient light
  • Directional Reflectivity angular reflective orientation brings image clarity into the viewer’s line of sight
  • High contrast material enhances color saturation and black levels for greater shadow detail
  • Black scrim included eliminates back-lighting (reflection)
  • Excellent sound transparency with minimal attenuation - 0.55mm perforations
  • ISF Certified for accurate color reproduction – An industry standard for high fidelity video display systems
  • 4K/8K Ultra HD, HDR compatible
  • Available in diagonal sizes 110”, 125”, 135”, and 150” in 16:9 aspect ratio

Design and Installation

  • Sleek EDGE FREE® Fixed Frame design maximizes viewing area in a smaller footprint
  • Wrap-around material stretches over internal framework and is secured with springs for a tight-tensioned flat projection surface
  • Ultra-thin black aluminum bezel trim resembles a flat panel TV
  • Lightweight aluminum split-frame design facilitates shipping
  • Sliding wall mounting brackets allow horizontal movement of screen to ensure precision on-axis alignment and permits wood stud installation
  • Optional LED kit available – Sold Separately

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