EDGE FREE® Aeon Fixed Frame Screen Accessory

LED Backlight Kit

Elite Screens LED Backlight Kit is an optional accessory for the EDGE FREE® Aeon Fixed Frame Screen Series.

  • Self-Adhesive LED backlighting simply attaches to the back of the Aeon Series Frame
  • Easily control the light settings with an included IR remote
  • 16 different color options
  • 4 unique display modes
  • Compatible ONLY with Elite Screens EDGE FREE fixed frame screens
  • Available for Aeon screen sizes 92″, 100″, 110″, 120″, 123″ and 150″ (All 16:9 format)
  • 1-Year Warranty by Elite Screens
ZLED92H-138C1BlackAeon 92″ 16:9 Model : AR92DHD3
Aeon 103″ 16:9 Models: AR103H-A8K
Aeon 110″ 16:9 Models: AR110DHD3, AR110H2, AR110WH2, AR110H2-AUHD
Aeon 120″ 16:9 Models: AR120DHD3, AR120H2, AR120WH2, AR120H2-AUHD
Aeon 123″ 16:9 Models: AR123H-CLR, AR123H-CLR3, AR123H-A8K
Aeon 135″ 16:9 Models: AR135H-A8K
Aeon 138″ 2.35:1 Models : AR138C1080P3-WIDE, AR138C3D-WIDE, AR138WH2-WIDE
ZLED150H165H-158C1BlackAeon 150″ 16:9 Models: AR150DHD3, AR150WH2, AR150H2-AUHD, AR150H-A8K
Aeon 165″ 16:9 Model: AR165WH2, AR165H2-AUHD
Aeon 158″ 2.35:1 Model: AR158WH2-WIDE, AR158C3D-WIDE

*NOTE: LED strips can be cut to size to fit properly on the entire frame. See user guide for instructions.

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2-year limited warranty, and 3-year warranty for ENR-G – Education, Non-profit, Religious and Government/Military organizations

Lifetime Tech Support by Elite Screens Professional Service Team through Email, Phone or Online Form.