Fixed Frame Projection Screens

ezFrame Series

The ezFrame Series offers several screen materials models, including AcousticPro 1080P3 (sound transparent) and CineWhite®.

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Product Features

Available in the following front projection materials

Material NameGainViewing AngleDescription
CineWhite®1.1 180°CineWhite® has broad light dispersion through diffusion uniformity, black & white contrast and true color rendition. Recommended for rooms with controlled lighting. Works with Standard, Ultra/Short-throw 1080P/4K projectors.
AcousticPro 1080P31.0180°AcousticPro1080P3 is an acoustically transparent front projection material. The perforated weave eliminates the moire effect while presenting warm neutral colors for today's high definition 1080P (1920x1080) and 4K UHD projectors. This material allows speaker placement behind while allowing an exceptional acoustically transparent performance.


Screen Material

  • Active 3D, 4K Ultra HD, and HDR Ready on Cinewhite® material
  • Award winning Home Theater Screen with full tension uniformity
  • Available in the following range of diagonal sizes:
    • 84" and 135" in 4:3 format
    • 92" - 150" in 16:9 format


Design and Installation

  • Anodized black aluminum frame with black velour surfacing to enhance the appearance with the stylish masked border that absorbs projector light overshoot
  • Easy to assemble and install in minutes
  • Sliding wall mounts ensure the installation is properly centered
  • Designed for table-top ultra-short-throw projectors
    (Check EliteProjector® Ultra-Short Throw Projector)

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