Tripod Lite™ Wall Series


The Tripod Lite™ Wall Series by Elite Screens features a very light-weight portable projection screen design to be used either as a free-standing tripod or hanging wall display. It is intended for ultra-lightweight portable presentations. The screen consists of an upright support, tripod, and detachable projection material supported by parallel counterweights at the top and bottom of the screen. The screen surface uses a scroll-design by rolling up in the top and bottom counterweights.

Each tripod module features a telescoping upright support from which the screen and counterweight bar hangs. A soft carrying case contains the entire product during transport and storage.


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Product Features

Screen Material

  • MaxWhite® matte white 1.1 gain front projection material
  • Wide viewing angle allows viewers to see the image over a 180° field of vision
  • Side black masking borders absorb projector overshoot while enhancing visual contrast
  • Black material backing reduces light penetration for enhanced brightness levels
  • Available in diagonal sizes 50” and 65” in 1:1 aspect ratio


Design and Operation

  • Ultra-lightweight starting at just 5.7 lbs., is much lighter and ideal for road warriors and presentations to go.
  • Measuring in at about 3-feet, the screen is considerably smaller in both transport or storage.
  • The material is detachable for either Free-standing Tripod or Wall Presentations.
  • Ideal for personal/professional indoor or outdoor presentations.
  • Telescopic upright support provides adjustable height settings.
  • Travel-friendly canvas carrying bag is included.

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