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The WhiteBoardScreen™ Series dry-erase interactive whiteboard is a versatile solution that combines whiteboard with projection screen. The ultimate presentation tool for your meeting room or classroom, this unique whiteboard projection screen does not glare unlike traditional whiteboards and is available in two front projection materials. The VersaWhite (matte white 1.1 gain) is ideal for ultra/short-throw projectors. The StarBright™ 4 is for standard throw projectors for rooms with ambient light. The WhiteBoardScreen is bordered in an aluminum light-weight black frame, and includes pens, erasers, and a tray.

Available in the following front projection materials

Material Name Gain Viewing Angle Description
VersaWhite  1.1 180° 

VersaWhite Material performs as versatile as a Matte White screen material with the addition of being a dry-erase surface as well. The surface is coated with a scratch-resistant nanotech resin and transparent dry-erase layer for use as a white board while keeping uniform diffusion and enhancing true color rendition. 

StarBright™ 4 4.0 50°

The StarBright™ 4 material has a unique optical coating that enhances picture clarity regardless of an ambient light presence.  The Angular-Reflective surface is coated with a transparency dry-erase layer for use as a white board while enhancing true color rendition from its highly reflective qualities.  StarBright™ 4 material will enhance image brightness 4x more than the standard matte-white material and is your best dual function for White Board and Front Projection for use in training rooms with ambient light.


Screen Material

  • 4K Ultra HD, Active 3D, and HDR Ready
  • True color reproduction and contrast enhances overall projection images
  • Available in the following diagonal sizes:
    • 60”, 80" (4:3) – StarBright™ 4 (Ambient Light Rejecting)
    • 58” (4:3) and 126" (4'x10') – VersaWhite (Matte White)


Design and Installation

  • Designed for classrooms, boardrooms, conference rooms, and training facilities
  • Magnetic surface
  • Ideal for short-throw projectors and interactive white board projectors/pens (VersaWhite models only)
  • No "glare" effect on projection surface as typically experienced on standard white boards
  • Cutting-edge design combines projection screen and dry erase board into one space-saving, economical product
  • Includes dry erase markers, tray and erasers
  • Standard wall mount brackets allow installation flexibility by sliding horizontally along the back rail of the frame
  • Optional Mobile Stand (ZWBMS) - sold separately


Quality and Reliability

  • GREENGUARD® and GREENGUARD® Gold Certified
  • 2-Year / 3-Year ENR-G Manufacturer's Warranty by Elite Screens, an  ISO9001 manufacturer since 2004
  • Lifetime Tech Support by Elite Screens Professional Service Team through Email or Web Chat.


Awards (Click Image to view Award) 
  • GreenGuard® Certification - Improving Human Health and Quality of Life

  • Ultra Short-Throw Projector Compatibility

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  • WhiteBoardScreen™ at St. Mary's School

  • WhiteBoard Cleaning Instructions

  • Selecting a Screen Size Educational Video

  • ANSI Lumens and Screen Gain Educational Video

  • WhiteBoardScreen ALR Product Video


Dimensions Table

The listed measurements are for general reference only. Please contact Elite Screens to verify product design and dimensions before attempting to integrate its products with any structural or furniture modification. Although a manufacturer may offer product advice, it may be taken or disregarded at the integrator’s discretion. Elite Screens will not be held responsible or be otherwise liable for faulty installations.

Decoding the Model Number
Model Number = WB60V
WB = WhiteBoardScreen Series
60 = Nominal Diagonal Size
V = 4:3 aspect ratio
(H = HDTV 16:9 / X = 16:10 / S = 1:1 / C = 2.35:1)

WhiteBoardScreen™ Series Dimensions Table - StarBright™ 4 Models
Model NumberDiag. SizeAspect RatioView Area (HxW)Screen MaterialCase ColorGainOverall Width (A)View Width (A1)Overall Height (B)View Height (B1)Tray Length (A2)B2C1C2
Model NumberDiag. SizeAspect RatioView Area (HxW)Screen MaterialCase ColorGainOverall Width (A)View Width (A1)Overall Height (B)View Height (B1)Tray Length (A2)B2C1C2
WB60V60"4:335.0"x46.9"StarBright™ 4Black (Border)Gain 448.646.936.835.039.432.94.56.3
WB80V80"4:346.9"x62.6"StarBright™ 4Black (Border)Gain 464.462.648.646.955.

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WhiteBoardScreen™ Series Dimensions - VersaWhite Models
Model NumberDiag. SizeAspect RatioView Area (HxW)Screen MaterialCase ColorGainOverall Width (A)View Width (A1)Tray (A2)Overall Height (B)View Height (B1)DD1D2
Model NumberDiag. SizeAspect RatioView Area (HxW)Screen MaterialCase ColorGainOverall Width (A)View Width (A1)Tray (A2)Overall Height (B)View Height (B1)DD1D2
WB58VW58"4:334.9"x45.9"VersaWhiteBlack (Border)Gain
WB4x10HW126"N/A45.9"x118.2"VersaWhiteBlack (Border)Gain 1.1120.3118.2114.

WhiteBoardScreen™ Series Packaging Dimensions
Model NumberDiag. SizeAspect RatioN.W. (lbs.)G.W. (lbs.)N.W. (Kgs)G.W. (Kgs)Packaging Dimensions (LxHxW)
Model NumberDiag. SizeAspect RatioN.W. (lbs.)G.W. (lbs.)N.W. (Kgs)G.W. (Kgs)Packaging Dimensions (LxHxW)
WB60V60"4:334.4 lb39.7 lb15.6 kg18.0 kg52.4"x40.9"x3.2"
WB80V80"4:357.3 lb72.8 lb26.0 kg33.0 kg68.1"x52.6"x3.2"
WB58VW58"4:323.2 lb30.4 lb10.5 kg13.8 kg52.0"x3.1"x40.9"
WB4x10HW126"N/A67.3 lb112.6 lb30.5 kg51.1 kg124.8"x3.3"x52.4"




Q: Can I buy a small screen material sample?

A: Yes, you can buy a screen material sample by clicking on the link below.


Q: How do I properly remove dry-erase markings from my Elite Whiteboard Projection Screens?
Before using the dry-erase function of your whiteboard screen, please make note of the following instructions to properly maintain and clean your dry-erase surface projection screen. (These Whiteboard cleaning tips are just as relevant with any dry-erase writing surface as they are with our Whiteboard-Projection Screens.)

  1. Only use a high density foam eraser when removing dry-erase markings from the Whiteboard screen.
  2. Do not use abrasive erasers as these may scratch the surface of the screen.
  3. Never spray the whiteboard cleaner solution onto the surface while marker writing is present and then attempt to use a high density foam eraser to remove. This will only smear the dry-erase marker ink making the surface more difficult to clean and will likely ruin the foam eraser.
  4. If there are any dry-erase markings left behind even after attempting to remove them using our high density erasers, spray our whiteboard cleaning solution directly onto the screen surface and use only a soft microfiber cloth to wipe-down and clean the area.

For a video demonstration, please click here.

Q: What type of dry-erase markers do you recommend using on my Elite Screens whiteboard screen product?
Elite Screens recommends using our dy-erase markers.  Additional markers can be purchased in a set, part number ZER3. Any other regular low-odor dry-erase markers brands such as EXPO are also ok to use.

Q: After erasing, a ghosting effect is still visible.  What's the best way to remove this?
The best way to completely remove this effect is to use only the included erasers and markers the WhiteBoardScreen comes with.  We also recommend using the cleaning solution included as part of the maintenance procedure to clean the surface.  Using water and a soft micro-fiber cloth is also an alternative to a full complete cleaning.

Q: Can I use after-market whiteboard erasers on my Elite whiteboard projection screen?
Elite Screens recommends purchasing the high-density (soft-foam) whiteboard erasers from us since the dry-erase projection screen surface is unique and can only be properly erased with our erasers. Elite offers a 2pc. set of our erasers, please click here for more information. Alternative soft-foam whiteboard erasers can be purchased by makers such as 3M.  Please click here for more information on 3M whiteboard eraser products.



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