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How to order a In-Wall Up/Down switches - ZIW

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Elite Screens In-wall switches allow Up/Down electric screen control from the flip or flick of a button.


Part Numbers: ZIW, ZIW-B, ZIW-W1
Series Name Compatibility Series Name Compatibility
Spectrum Yes Evanesce Tension B Yes
Spectrum Tension Yes Evanesce B Yes
*Spectrum 2 Yes Evanesce Tab-Tension Yes
VMAX2 Yes Evanesce Yes
Home 2 Yes Evanesce Plus Yes
Saker Yes Starling No
Saker Tab-Tension Yes Starling 2 No
Saker Plus Yes Starling Tab-Tension No
CineTension2 Yes Starling Tab-Tension 2 No
Vmax Dual® No Yard Master Electric No
Vmax Tab-Tension Dual No Yard Master Electric Tension No
Evanesce Tab-Tension B CineGrey 5D® No    
*if Optional Remote Kit ZPM-RT is Installed 


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Q:  How do I operate my ZIW (in-wall switch)?
A:  Connect an RJ45 network cable from your electric screen's RJ45 port to the RJ45 port of the in-wall switch and flip the button down for the screen to come down and flip the button up for the screen to go up.

Q:  I would like to install Elite's ZIW-W, could you tell me if it would be a momentary close switch or a constant close switch?
A:  Elite Screens' In-wall Up/Down switches (ZIW-W) is a constant close switch.

Q: What series is the ZIW In-Wall Up/Down switch compatible with?
The ZIW In-Wall switch is compatible with all of Elite's electric retractable floor rising, wall/ceiling and in-ceiling/recessed screens, EXCEPT for the VMAX Dual®, VMAX Tab-Tension Dual, Starling, Starling 2, Starling Tab-Tension and the Starling Tab-Tension 2 Series.


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