How to order an AirBright 3D2 Material

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Elite Screens’ AirBright 3D2 is a Polarized 3D silver front projection screen material. It is designed to preserve polarization for passive 3D Dual Projector Systems and has arguably proven itself to be the best solution for three-dimensional home theater presentations.

It provides superb brightness and contrast for either a regular 2-dimensional or full-immerision 3D imaging.  The material supports 2.0 gain reflectivity with strong black levels and a wide 120° viewing angle. These features make the AirBright 3D2 ideal for professional grade passive 3D applications in either a commercial or residential environment.

Primary Functions of 3D Polarized Silver Projection Screen:

  • Compliant with either Active 3D single or Passive 3D Dual Projector arrays
  • Designed for use with either Linear or Circular Stereoscopic configurations
  • Residential
  • Commercial Cinema
  • Stadium
  • Museums
  • Training room (Classroom)

AirBright 3D2 material is an (unsupported) soft tensioned screen material. Its enhanced flatness and durability allow a flat viewing surface in a fixed frame or electric tab-tensioned screen.  The material is available up to a 3.2m width and is avaialable in sizes up to 350" diagonal measurement in a fixed-frame configuration.  The 3D Polarized Silver-white protective surface coating is Elite's proprietary compound that is textured to ensure the high polarization ratios (aka: 3D depth) of use in 3D presentations.

AirBright 3D2 material is also perfectly suitable for use wiith Airflex5D - 2D/3D Multi-Projector Stacking Systems. This allows 2-projector source to combine into one image with brighness levels that are comparable with a professional grade theater in the comfort of your own home or business.

Available in Elite Screens Series: Sable Frame and CineTension2

  • Tensioned 3D polarized silver screen surface provides a sharp uniform picture
  • Active 3D, 4K Ultra HD, and HDR ready
  • 96% polarization retention
  • Gain: 2.0
  • Wide View Angle: 120° (L&R 60°)
  • Screen size up to 350" 16:9 in Fixed Frame format
  • Screen surface can be cleaned with mild soap and water
  • Mildew Resistant
  • Custom Sizes available
  • Perfect companion piece for Airflex5D - 2D/3D Multi-Projector Stacking System to form as a professional grade passive 3D system.

Projector Placement for Angular-Reflective Screen

Elite Screens, Airbright 3D2, Airbright 5D, CineGrey 3D®/5D®, Starbright4, Starbright7, and PowerGain products are all Angular-Reflective Ambient-Light-Rejecting projection screen materials. In order to optimize your viewing experience, we recommend the following projector placement.

Since angular reflective means that your projected image will reflect at the mirror-opposite angle, it is important to position the projector so that the viewer will benefit by getting the best possible image performance from the projection screen.

Step 1: Establish the general "eye level" of the viewers
Step 2: Set the appopriate projection level
            "Desktop" or "Table-mounted", projects at an upward level Ceiling mount, projects at a downward level
Step 3: Adjust your screen height level and projection angle 
             Input Angle (A) = Output Angle (B) aligns with the viewer's eye level.




Q: Can I buy a small screen material sample?

A: Yes, you can buy a screen material sample by clicking on the link below.

Q: I'm planning on purchasing an Active 3D projector. What benefits are there in choosing the Airbright 3D2 material?
A: A: In general, the Airbight 3D2 material is beneficial to use with Active 3D projectors to combat the following.

  • Active 3D projectors lose brightness when 3D mode is activated (approximately 50% of lumens is lost)
  • More is lost when the active shutter glasses are put on. The dark tint of them block the projector's lighting. It's like trying to watch a movie with sunglasses on. 

The 2.0 gain on the Airbright 3D2 material helps regain brightness levels in 3D mode, and the high gain avaialble on the Airbright 3D2 allows for some ambient light to be on without washing out the projected image as typically experienced on matte white surfaces. 

 The loss of brightness impacts the true home theater experience by producing a dim and bland image.  We recommend using the Airbright 3D2 for this reason.

Q: Why is it when I watch the Airbright 3D2 material in 2D mode, I sometimes see speckling in bright images?
The Airbright 3D2 is a dedicated 3D front projection material with high gain angular reflective properties. It’s surface coating incorporates a proprietary silver powder compound for amplified brightness with enhanced contrast and Passive 3D polarization. The greater brightness also compensates for the 50% light loss that accompanies the shutter function of Active 3D presentations.
As an added value, the Airbright 3D2 enhances regular 2D presentations with superior brightness and contrast levels. Due to the highly-reflective properties of this material, speckling is typical. Although it may be visible in 2D mode, it will not be visible through the 3D glasses.

Q: Can I use the Airbright 3D2 material for active 3d technology or is it only meant for passive 3d technology. 
A: Actually, the Airbright 3D2 material can be used for active 3d technology to make up for the brightness and contrast loss while in 3d mode.

Q: What percentage of polarization does the Airbright 3D2 retain?
The Airbright 3D2 retains 96% of polarization.

Q: What are the benefits of using a Passive 3D Polarized Silver projection screen material? Do the Elite Airbright 3D2 and Airbright 5D projection screens fit this category?
A: 3D imaging occurs at a lower level of brightness than regular 2D presentations. Also, it is difficult to maintain polarization on regular projection screen materials. The benefits of Passive 3D polarized silver projection screens are that they increase the brightness of projected 3D images while allowing them to  maximize retaining image polarization levels. Lastly, its diffusion layer enhances contrast. Although passive 3D imaging can arguably be performed on other projection materials, the polarized silver materials optimize overall 3D performance with the best results.
Yes, the Airbright 3D2 and Airbright 5D projection screens are passive 3D polarized silver projection screens made for the specific reasons specified in the first part of this answer. The Airbright 3D2 is the standard retail model  while the  Airbright 5D has added contrast levels for enhanced contrast and diffusion moderation.

Q: What do I need to have a complete passive 3D projection system professional grade in my home/office or classroom ?

  1. 3D Polarized Silver Screen: Elite Screens Airbright 3D2 on either a fixed frame or tensioned electric “roll-up” configuration.
  2. Two Projectors (DLP or LCD or Lcos), any brand ok. *Pref. matching models that have the same resolution, aspect ratio, and throw distance for the best results.
  3. One Airflex5D system (check

Q: What are the advantages of Passive 3D over Active 3D technology?
A: Passive 3D occurs in real time with both eyes seeing an actual picture as opposed to the alternating right-Left eye flickering of active 3D technology. The advantage in this is that the image is brighter because it is simultaneously shown to both eyes. With Active 3D the glasses obstruct the vision of one eye while allowing the other to see the picture alternating at about 60 exposures per eye per second. Essentially the viewer is blindfolded half the time without really being aware of it. The “flickering” of Active 3D technology is that  cross-talk and shadowing artifacts occur more easily. It also has a higher tendency to create eye-discomfort in viewers. Passive 3D allows viewers to see the image more comfortably  with greater brightness and clarity. Passive 3D glasses are also inexpensive so that they may be easily obtained in quantity and do not suffer from mechanical malfunction like the electrically powered active 3D glasses

For more information  about Active 3D and Passive 3D, please check the comparison chart here.


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