How to order an AcousticPro UHD Material

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The AcousticPro UHD (ultra-high definition) is a moiré-free self-supported acoustically transparent front projection screen material. The dense synthetic perforated weave is compatible with Ultra-High Definition/4K resolutions while mitigating light penetration for a brighter picture. The AcousticPro UHD design maximizes sound penetration with minimal attenuation without compromising picture quality. The AcousticPro UHD material’s wide diffusion uniformity offers a broad viewing angle with superb picture quality across the entire surface.This provides equal brightness levels on or off axis. 

"Speaking of "observing", the Electric125H-AUHD performed admirably across a diversity of content and at all hours of day and night; its ambient light suppression was top-notch." – Brian Dipert, EDN Network

Elite Screen Series: VMAX Dual®, AeonSpectrum, Saker Tension, and Evanesce

  • Gain: 1.0
  • Viewing Angle: 180° (90°L/R)
  • Moiré-free perforated weave acoustically transparent material
  • Wide diffusion uniformity – maintains luminance levels throughout entire surface
  • Mildew Resistant
  • 4K UHD, Active 3D, and HDR ready
  • Mean Attenuation: -2.36dB
  • Flame Retardant: Complies with NFPA 701 Standards


Surface Characteristics and Specs

Material Name
AcousticPro UHD
Material Thickness
Material Spool Length (swatch height)
Short 1.6M | Medium 2.0M | Tall 2.5M
Material Composition
Synthetic (plain woven) AT projection fabric
Average size of weave perforations
0.32 mm (Avg.)
Opening Rate
Flame Resistant
Complies with NFPA 701 standards
On-axis Gain
Viewing Angle
Recommended Minimum Viewing Distance
1.5x image width
Moiré Free
Active 3D & 4K Ultra HD Ready
Acoustic Transparency (Mean Attenuation)
-2.36 dB
Perforations per square inch Approx. 1024
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AcousticPro UHD Gain Chart


Sound Transparency

Overall Response Plot at 0° Angle of Incidence


Tabular Response at 0° Angle of Incidence

Avg. Gain dB Min. Gain dB Max. Gain dB Band
-1.5 -1.7 -1.4 100Hz- 500Hz
-1.7 -1.8 -1.6 500Hz- 1000Hz
-2.3 -3.4 -1.8 1000Hz- 10000Hz
-4.0 -4.6 -3.4 10000Hz- 18000Hz

Tabular Response at +/- 15 ° Angle of Incidence

Angle Min. Variation (dB) Max. Variation (dB) Band
Horizontal +/-1.5° -0.5 -1.7 100Hz- 1000Hz
Horizontal +/-1.5° -0.4 -2.2 10000Hz- 18000Hz
Vertical +/-1.5° -0.1 -1.4 10Hz- 10000Hz
Vertical +/-1.5° -0.2 -3.0 10000Hz- 18000Hz




"Solved My Moiré Problem"

"I have the 100 inch version of the Elite Saker Tension with the Acoustic Pro UHD acoustically transparent screen, and it works perfectly in my media room. I recently upgraded my projector from an LG 75U to an LG PF1500. With the 75U, I used an Elite Spectrum 100 inch screen with the Acoustic Pro 1080p2 screen material. That screen worked great with the 75U, but with the new projector, I had a problem with moire on the screen. It could be minimized by adjusting the focus slightly, but that also softened the picture a tad.

Switching to the new Saker Tension with the Acoustic Pro UHD material totally eliminated any moire issue. I can adjust the projector focus for a razor sharp image without any unwanted image abnormalities. The mechanics of the new screen are similar to my old one...a nice quiet motor and a slow raising or lowering of the screen. The new one does have the side tensioning, which helps to keep the screen totally flat, along with a few more bells and whistles, like two remotes, one IR and one RF. The big difference for me though, is the better acoustically transparent screen material."

Scott Trindl


From an Customer Review

Saker Tension AcousticPro UHD Series - Model Number SKT100UH-E12-AUHD


"The AUHD material is definitely a keeper and extremely happy. The 1080p2 was great, but the projector setup we have now, is exactly what I was hoping to achieve. "

Aldrex C.

Model # Electric100H-AUHD



Q) Can I buy a small screen material sample?

A) Yes, you can buy a screen material sample by clicking here.

Q) Can I use the AcousticPro UHD material in a room with ambient light?
A) The AcousticPro UHD performs at its best in a light controlled environment, not in a room that will have ambient light. The material is a fabric with a special weave pattern for projection use. It is suggested to go with our standard CineWhite material if a matte white screen is needed. Or better yet, our very best CineGrey 3D or CineGrey 5D material will perform better with a higher gain and Angular-Reflective front projection with ambient light rejecting technology.

Q) Does the AcousticPro UHD material have a black backing?
 Currently, the AcousticPro UHD does not have black backing. However, the AcousticPro UHD incorporates a dense synthetic weave with an average size perforation of 0.32mm designed to mitigate light penetration.

Q) Is the black border around the AcousticPro UHD material acoustically transparent as well?
 Yes, the black border is made of the same material as the AcousticPro UHD, thus it is acoustically transparent. 

Q) What Screen Series is the AcousticPro UHD available on? Do you have a tab-tension series with the AcousticPro UHD material?
 The AcousticPro UHD is available in our Spectrum Series (non-tensioned), Saker Tab-Tension Series (Tensioned), and Evanesce Series

Q) Will the AcousticPro UHD material develop waves or curl over time?
 The AcousticPro UHD material is a self-supporting, rigid material making it capable of withstanding curling/waving over time as long as it is not in a cold environment.  We strongly recommend using the product in a controlled environment with a temperate of approximately 74 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q) How does UHD compare to the other acoustically transparent materials? Is it 4k compatible?
  The AcousticPro UHD is compatible with Full HD (1920x1080), Ultra-HD (3840x2160), and 4K (4096x2160) projectors. For a quick comparison, please see the "Comparison" tab above.

Q) Is the AcousticPro UHD compatible with my 3D projector?
 The AcousticPro UHD is compatible with Active 3D projectors.  As the screen is not polarized, it will not work with Passive 3D applications. 


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