How to order a MaxWhite® B Material


Elite Screens MaxWhite® B material is a matte white material formulated to meet our conventional screens that delivers optimal picture quality. Its neutral 1.0 gain allows for the widest possible viewing angles of 180° (90° Left and Right). The matte surface of the MaxWhite® B offers superb diffusion uniformity while delivering radiant image and color reproduction. The screen surface has black-backing to avoid light penetration and can be cleaned safely with mild soap and water. 
Elite Screen Series: Manual B, Tripod BDIY Wall 2 and DIY Wall 3

  • GreenGuard® Certification - Improving Human Health and Quality of Life

MaxWhite® B Gain Chart

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Q: Can I buy a small screen material sample?

A: Yes, you can buy a screen material sample by clicking here.

Q: What is the difference between Elite’s MaxWhite®,  MaxWhite® B and MaxWhite® FG screen materials?

A: Elite Screens’ MaxWhite® and MaxWhite® FG are excellent screen materials for front projection presentations. The materials have a multi-layer weave and textured surface coating that offer perfect diffusion uniformity, color reproduction, and black and white contrast. Both have a 1.1 gain that allows for 180° viewing angles (90° left and right) and are black-backed which avoids light penetration. They are also easy to clean, mildew resistant, and GreenGuard® Gold UL 2818 certified. MaxWhite® B on the other hand, while maintaining the wide 180 degree viewing angle, has a unity 1.0 Gain that reflects 100% projector light as opposed to 1.1 Gain (110%).  It is also formulated to be utilized in our most commonly used front projection screens.  This allows more flexibility in our offerings of cost-effective products for mass production.

The key difference between the MaxWhite®/MaxWhite® B and MaxWhite® FG is that the MaxWhite® FG has a fiber glass backing. This is beneficial as the embedded fiber glass improves rigidity which results in a more stiff material. Thus, the MaxWhite® FG provides the flattest possible surface a non-tensioned screen can offer. Additionally, the fiber glass backing eliminates any side curling non-tensioned materials are susceptible to, especially under cold temperatures. Lastly, the MaxWhite® FG is also flame retardant and complies with NFPA 701 Standards.


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