How to order a CineWhite® UHD

CineWhite® UHD (Tension Matte White) is a reference-grade 1.15 gain projector screen material that is certified by the world renowned Imaging Science Foundation for its superb color temperature, contrast and black level performance. It has wide diffusion uniformity that allows equal brightness levels over a 180° viewing angle. 

The tension PVC material construction  has the needed pliability to maximize flatness in a “roll-up” projection surface.  The versatile properties of this material make it a natural fit with either standard or short-throw projectors. The material is also suited for either residential or commercial application. The material is easily washed using a mild soap and water solution.

 Elite Screen Series: CineTension B Series

  • Gain: 1.15
  • Viewing Angle: 180° (90°LR)
  • Tensioned matte white front projection material 
  • ISF Certified for accurate color points, color temperature and dynamic range
  • Wide diffusion uniformity allows viewers to enjoy a clear picture of equal brightness from any angle
  • 4K/8K Ultra HD, Active 3D, HDR Ready

CineWhite® UHD Gain Chart

 elite screeens projection screen material

Screen Material Specifications

Thickness 0.28 mm
Weight 399 g/m2
Roll Length 3.6 M
Material Color White
On Axis Gain 1.15
Viewing Angle 180°
Minimum Throw Distance .2x Image Width
Ambient Light Resistant No
Edge Blend Yes
Active 3D & 4K Ultra HD Ready Yes



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