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The CineGrey 5D® is an angular reflective front projection material designed to reject ambient light while maintaining superb picture quality.  The CineGrey 5D® is the perfect solution for rooms that have little or no control over incidental light.  This means that it's an ideal fit for family rooms as well as lecture halls, boardrooms, sports bars, training facilities, and other business environments. In addition, the CineGrey 5D® increases projector brightness 1.5 times the amount. This is perfect for low lumens ouput projectors!
The CineGrey 5D® is superior to traditional white or gray materials in its ability to maintain a sharp, bright image regardless  of ambient light.  The angular reflective material incorporates a diffusion layer over a highl reflective surface.  This causes direct light from the projector to reflect squarely into the viewer's field of vision while the outer contrast layer enhances image quality while absorbing indirect ambient light.

Screen Material

  • ISF Certified for accurate color points, color temperature and dynamic range
  • Polarized 3D material
  • Contrast enhancement
  • Superb color balance
  • Angular reflective
  • 1.5 Gain Ambient Light Rejecting material
  • Active 3D, 4K Ultra HD, and HDR Ready
  • Counters wash-out effect from ambient light
  • Material proudly made in Taiwan
  • Lower cost than higher end matte white or gray screen products
  • Available in the following diagonal sizes:
    • 84", 92", 100", 110", 120", 135", 150", 165", 180" and 200" in 16:9 format

Design and Installation

  • Anodized black velour coating beveled frame  
  • Easy to assemble and install in minutes
  • Sliding wall mounts ensure the installation is properly centered
  • Spring Tension system provides a flat and taut projection surface


Quality and Reliability

  • Flame Retardant: Complies with NFPA 701 Standards
  • 2-Year / 3-Year ENR-G Manufacturer's Warranty by Elite Screens, an  ISO9001 manufacturer since 2004
  • Lifetime Tech Support by Elite's Professional Service Team through Email, Web Chat or Toll Free Phone Call


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Dimensions Table

The listed measurements are for general reference only. Please contact Elite Screens to verify product design and dimensions before attempting to integrate its products with any structural or furniture modification. Although a manufacturer may offer product advice, it may be taken or disregarded at the integrator’s discretion. Elite Screens will not be held responsible or be otherwise liable for faulty installations.

Decoding the Model Number
Model Number = R100DHD5
R = ezFrame Series
100 = Nominal Diagonal Size
D = Angular-Reflective material
H = HDTV 16:9 aspect ratio
D5 = CineGrey 5D® screen material

ezFrame CineGrey 5D® Series Dimensions Table
Model NumberDiagonal SizeAspect RatioView Area (HxW)Screen MaterialGainOverall Width (A)View Width (A1)Overall Height (B)View Height (B1)Frame Width (C)Frame Thickness (D)Center Support Bar Length (E)
Model NumberDiagonal SizeAspect RatioView Area (HxW)Screen MaterialGainOverall Width (A)View Width (A1)Overall Height (B)View Height (B1)Frame Width (C)Frame Thickness (D)Center Support Bar Length (E)
R84DHD584"16:941.2"x73.2"CineGrey 5D®Gain 1.577.973.245.941.22.31.645.4
R92DHD592"16:945.1"x80.2"CineGrey 5D®Gain 1.584.880.249.845.12.31.649.3
R100DHD5100"16:949.1"x87.3"CineGrey 5D®Gain 1.592.087.353.849.12.31.654.6
R110DHD5110"16:954.0"x96.0"CineGrey 5D®Gain 1.5100.796.058.754.02.31.658.1
R120DHD5120"16:958.9"x104.7"CineGrey 5D®Gain 1.5109.4104.763.658.92.31.663.0
R135DHD5135"16:966.2"x117.7"CineGrey 5D®Gain 1.5122.4117.770.966.22.31.670.4
R150DHD5150"16:973.6"x130.8"CineGrey 5D®Gain 1.5135.5130.878.373.62.31.677.7
R165DHD5165"16:980.9"x143.8"CineGrey 5D®Gain 1.5148.5143.885.680.92.31.685.2
R180DHD5180"16:988.2"x156.9"CineGrey 5D®Gain 1.5161.5156.992.988.22.31.692.5
R200DHD5200"16:998.0"x174.3"CineGrey 5D®Gain 1.5179.0174.3102.798.02.31.6102.3
R235DHD5235"16:9115.2"x204.8"CineGrey 5D®Gain 1.5209.5204.8119.9115.22.31.6119.4

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ezFrame CineGrey 5D® Series Packaging Dimensions
Model NumberDiagonal SizeAspect RatioNet Weight (lbs.)Gross Weight (lbs.)Net Weight. (Kgs)Gross Weight (Kgs)Packaging Dimensions (LxHxW)
Model NumberDiagonal SizeAspect RatioNet Weight (lbs.)Gross Weight (lbs.)Net Weight. (Kgs)Gross Weight (Kgs)Packaging Dimensions (LxHxW)
R84DHD584"16:915.0 lbs25.5 lbs6.8 kgs11.5 kgs63.0"x9.3"x13.0"
R92DHD592"16:920.2 lbs26.9 lbs9.1 kgs12.2 kgs63.8"x9.3"x13.0"
R100DHD5100"16:919.4 lbs31.0 lbs8.8 kgs14.1 kgs58.9"x10.6"x12.2"
R110DHD5110"16:920.8 lbs30.4 lbs9.4 kgs13.8 kgs63.0"x9.3"x13.0"
R120DHD5120"16:922.2 lbs33.4 lbs10.1 kgs15.1 kgs68.5"x11.0"x13.2"
R135DHD5135"16:928.7 lbs43.9 lbs13.0 kgs19.3 kgs75.2"x11.4"x13.0"
R150DHD5150"16:934.4 lbs46.9 lbs15.6 kgs21.3 kgs82.7"x11.0"x13.0"
R165DHD5165"16:939.2 lbs55.2 lbs17.8 kgs25.0 kgs107.9"x11.0"x13.0"
R180DHD5180"16:941.0 lbs61.7 lbs18.6 kgs28.0 kgs107.9"x11.0"x13.4"
R200DHD5200"16:948.4 lbs65.0 lbs21.9 kgs29.5 kgs107.9"x11.0"x13.0"
R235DHD5235"16:960.1 lbs77.5 lbs27.3 kgs35.1 kgs124.0"x11.4"x13.4"

Projector Placement for Angular-Reflective Screen

Notice to Installer:

Please use the following installation instructions to obtain superior optical performance from the ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) Screen.

  • Angular-Reflective material is not compatible with ultra/short-throw projectors
  • Minimum lens throw ratio 1.5x image width
  • Ambient light must not come from the same direction as the projector 


Since angular-reflective means that the projected image will reflect at the mirror-opposite angle, it is important to position the projector so that the viewer will get the best possible image.

  • Step 1: Establish the general “eye level” of the viewers
  • Step 2: Set the appropriate projection level
  • Step 3: Adjust the screen height level and projection angle 

Input Angle (A) = Output Angle (B) aligns with the viewer’s angle

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The TWICE VIP Awards

2014 twice vip award, twice award, elite screens 2014 twice vip award
Elite Screens is pleased to announce that it's CineGrey 5D® has won TWICE Magazine's 2014 VIP Award.The TWICE VIP Awards give retailers and distributors the chance to honor the products that have made the biggest difference in their business. Voted on ONLY by retailers and distributors, the TWICE VIPs are based on product features, product design, and value to consumers. 


“In fact, with the gain the screen has, I felt like I was seeing brighter whites and darker blacks–something no home theater projection enthusiast would refuse.”

For Full Review, click here

Doug Blackburn, Widescreen Review | December 2018 Issue


"Man, I still can't believe this is a screen, to me it looks like I got a huge led TV. My kitchen light to my left is no longer an issue, I can have it on all through a movie no problem. Andrew Robinson reviewed this screen very well.

On my left I have three one hundred watt bulbs and a fluorescent tube in the kitchen, when turned on I still could enjoy a movie.  To the right are windows and the front door, only when the front door is opened I notice a slight picture change, but it’s still really good.  This screen is the best choice I ever made”

-Mar Kanuho


Awesome screen! Save your money from the overpriced "other" brands. I was a little hesitant buying the screen as I had not seen them locally and I felt I was taking a real risk. The setup and installation was easy. I paired the screen with a JVC D-ILA projector and the picture is great.

Curtis M.
From an Amazon.com Customer Review 
ezFrame CineGrey 5D
® Series
Model Number: R110DHD5

"After buying and using it with mad light I have come to realize that the other screens that compete with it or literally just 500% Markup....I've gotten samples of BD and Firehawk....this seems to combine side and top ambient light rejection. (Incase you don't know the BD handles above lighte while the Firehawk handles side light)

On a negative you will get a slight hot spot about 1 foot square- the same thing with any angular materials including the Black Diamond 1.4, the Firehawk G4 is 1.1 gain so it doesn't have a hot spot actually but it has a little speckles so pick your poison.

I think this screen is no better or worse than those two. All 3 amazing just priced differently..."

Michael Saini


From an Amazon.com Customer Review
ezFrame Series CineGrey 5D
® series
Model Number: R135DHD5

"Great Screen, Straight Forward Installation and Performed to Expectations" July 29, 2014- ezFrame CineGrey 5D® Series
"After many reviews and hours of research I finally pulled the trigger on the Cinegrey 5D® screen. I watched clips of other screens and am lucky enough to be close enough to Elite and the more expensive competitor, SI, to view this screen and the Black Diamond in person. There is clearly not $1700 dollars difference to justify the more expensive SI BD screen (IMO).

Installation: I was prepared for an exercise in futility after reading some of the other reviews here with regards to putting this together. I cleared an open space, laid down two bed sheets over the hardwood and followed the instructions to put it together. Bolting the frame together was a snap. The instructions were clear and being able to lay it all out made is a snap. The felt overlay has a few little shoddy spots (Black Sharpie fixed that) and doesn't perfectly align in one joint, but it's nothing anyone but me will notice. A cordless power drill had this thing together in about 10 minutes..."

--Ron Ferguson, Amazon Customer

To read a complete review, please click here

To read more reviews, click here 



Q: Can I buy a small screen material sample?

A: Yes, you can buy a screen material sample by clicking here.

Q: What are the benefits of using CineGrey 3D® or CineGrey 5D® material in a dark room with white ceiling and walls?

A: Projecting on a matte white screen material in a dedicated Home Cinema, typically requires a dark room environment for a great theatrical experience. Matte White materials diffuse light in all directions since that is their nature. This means that light will scatter everywhere in the room.  That is why a dedicated Home Cinema room should try to have as much black walls and light absorbing materials to reduce the amount of scattered light.  This scattered light eventually reflects back to the projection image and degrading the contrast ratio, color, and black levels which affect the fidelity of the picture.

The CineGrey 5D’s CLR/ALR technology allows the projector’s light to reflect back at the mirror opposite end.  This greatly reduces the amount of light scatter and instead focuses the light to the viewer’s sweet spot.   In addition, the black microscopic layers improve black levels and color purity to increase the contrast ratio vs a matte white screen material.

Q: I am interested in improving image performance (brightness, color, contrast, etc.) for projected images in a church sanctuary with high levels of ambient light. A salesperson recommended using a brighter 4700 lumen projector. Would this offer more noticeable improvement than using elite cinegray 5d® screen material? 
A brighter projector (higher lumens) will help with image brightness but it does not help with color contrast or black levels.  Since the projected image performance is important here, a contrast-enhancing material such as CineGrey 5D® is essential.  White materials will reflect all of the light in the room; the projected light, indoor lighting, and sunlight through windows and doorways, everything.  Because of this, the ambient lighting will still spoil image performance even with a bright projector.  Ambient light rejecting (ALR) screens such as CineGrey 5D® filter out indirect light allowing your projected image to be what your audience will see instead of the extra glare.  In addition to that, the screen’s filter layers enhance black levels and color contrast.  This means that shadows, textures and slight variations in color shading in the projected image can be easily seen.  Without an ALR material, such detail and clarity will not be visible. As you can see from the photos below, a bright projector does not enhance contrast.



Q: Isn’t the regular matte grey material the best for enhancing contrast? If not what material should I consider and why?
A: Matte grey was an earlier effort by projection screen manufacturers to enhance projector performance when projectors had limited performance ranges in need of a little help.  Matte grey materials added a darker shade to projected images that would enhance black levels to a degree.  The down side is that a projector with a high lumens output and interior light control was required. The next generation materials we offer now are CineGrey 3D / CineGrey 5D. The CineGray materials are ambient light rejecting. This means that the new materials will give you flat panel display brightness even with high levels of interior lighting. The old matte grey materials are washed out by interior lighting. Also, the Cinegrey series of ALR  and ceiling light rejecting (CLR) screen materials give reference grade quality that is world class certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) for its professional grade abilities to provide accurate color rendition, contrast, and black/white dynamic range. The CineGrey 3D® has a wider diffusion range while the CineGrey 5D® is brighter. Comparing either CineGrey 3D/5D materials to the old matte grey is like comparing a couple of souped-up Ford Mustangs to a Model T.

Q: Which side is the front/backside on the CineGrey 5D® material on the ezFrame Series?
In addition to the sticker labeled "Back Side" placed along the edge of the material, the backside will be slightly shinier and has material folded outward.

Q: How well does the CineGrey 5D® or CineGrey 3D® perform in a dark room environment?

A: The CineGrey 5D® and CineGrey 3D® is great for dark room environment also, but we must understand its limitations.

First of all, both materials have narrow viewing angles.  So if you wish to have a wide seating arrangement after 80 degrees, you will notice a drop in brightness.

Second, because they are higher gain screens they reflect more projector brightness.  This may tire your eyes, so we recommend using a less brighter mode if your projector has a such setting.

If that is not a problem, then these materials will work.  And the best thing is, because they are angular reflective material, the projector’s light will not diffuse in all directions like a matte white material.  Meaning that they will not scatter the projector’s light and create side lighting. Thus, eliminating the need to absorb it with black velvet or paint a room really dark.

Third, because both of these materials are made with a neutral gray substrate, the color balance and temperature will be exceptional.  The dark gray also enhances contrast and great color saturation.

Q: Why choose an “ALR” screen like CineGrey 5D® over CineWhite®?
 Although matte white materials such as CineWhite® are ideal for environments where room lighting can be controlled, the image is easily washed out by ambient light. Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) materials such as the CineGrey 5D®  are suitable for environments where there are high levels of indirect (ambient) light. This material trades off on the wide diffusion uniformity of white materials in favor of a brighter (angular reflective) image. Elite’s CineGrey 5D® incorporates a diffusion layer over a highly reflective surface which scatters ambient light while improving picture performance with a brighter image. This includes color neutrality with enhanced black levels and improvement over Active 3D presentations.Andrew Robinson, an industry expert, shared his thoughts with Elite Screens about the performance of the CineGrey 5D® ALR material, "…of all the features, the one that gets me and really speaks the most is the fact that the CineGrey 5D® material from Elite Screens is the most cost effective ambient light solution on the market today. This is why I use it and this is why I recommend that you check it out for yourself. Because, at the end of the day, we all want performance but we also want incredible value  and these are two things that the CineGrey 5D® delivers in spades.” Click here to see video of Andrew Robinson's endorsement of the CineGrey 5D®.

Q: Will the CineGrey 5D® ambient light rejecting screen material cause the “hot spot” effect?
 Elite Screens CineGrey 5D® is a color neutral smooth surface with sparkling elements to increase screen gain in an ambient light room environment. These special characteristics incorporates a diffusion layer over a highly reflective surface which scatters ambient light while improving picture performance with a brighter image. The projector itself, however also plays a big part in creating a hot spot.  Projectors highest brightness levels are focused in the center, and only about 70% to 80% in the corners.  In other words, the uniformity itself is not spread entirely even across the screen, thus creating a brighter spot in the center area.

Q: I have a short throw/ultra-short throw projector, will this projector work with the ambient light rejecting CineGrey 3D®/5D® materials?
A:  The ambient light rejecting properties of the CineGrey 3D®/5D® make the materials incompatible with short throw and ultra-short throw projectors. The recommended minimum projector throw distance for these materials is 1.5 times the viewing image width. There are two main reasons behind this:

  1. The CineGrey 3D®/5D® are high gain and angular reflective screen materials. These types of materials require proper projector and screen alignment as hot-spotting may occur if not set up correctly.
  2. Due to the CineGrey 3D®/5D® materials being angular reflective, the angle of incidence from short-throw and ultra short-throw will be too close to the material and the viewer will not experience the optimal projector/screen performance. The material will treat the projector’s light as ambient light and thus it will reflect it in the wrong direction.

Q: I have an Ambient Light Rejecting screen but it does not seem to work. There are windows behind my projector and the picture is washed out; what can be done?
A: *Disclaimer:  
As great as ambient light rejecting screen technologies are, there are still certain laws of physics that define what should and should not be done with a specialty material such as this.

Main Answer:  Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) projector screens are specially formatted to reject the majority of off-axis lighting from the top, bottom, and side angles. 
However if a strong light source is hitting the ALR material at roughly the same angle as the projector does, it will wash out the image.  
There is an easy solution.  I strongly recommend light blocking curtains or blackout shades to shield your room and to rely on the interior lighting that ALR screens work with.

Q: Why can't we use ambient light or ceiling light rejecting (ALR/CLR/CLR2) screens with ultra-short throw/short throw (UST/ST) projectors?  
Ambient light rejecting is a generic term for a variety of materials that prevents projected content from being washed out by incident room lighting from either natural or manmade sources. Each of these materials incorporate some sort of reflective microstructures that allows for projected light to create a superb image while off-axis light is either absorbed or reflected away from the viewers field of vision. 

ALR screen materials are typically made for standard “long-throw” projectors. As long as the projector and material are aligned in accordance with SMPTE standards, you will get optimal picture brightness, color-contrast, and black level dynamic range while off-axis light is essentially rejected.  We have created videos and articles on proper video and seating alignment to achieve the proverbial “sweet spot” for picture performance. Because Short-throw and UST projectors spread out their light signal over a comparatively short distance, much of the light is off-axis and will therefore be rejected by the material.  

Materials like our Starbright CLR® are specifically designed for UST projectors. Their reflective microstructures are aligned to reflect the upward spread light signal from UST projectors into a viewer’s field of vision. At the same time, the “CLR®” rejects other forms of off-axis light such as regular room lighting, window light, ceiling light or even the direct signal from a standard throw projector.  


Q: How about using any “ALR” (Cinegrey®3D/5D or Starbright CLR, etc.) by Elite with a ceiling-installed UST/ST projector?
Ceiling mounted UST projectors will not even work with a Starbright CLR® material because the material is specifically orientated to reject “ceiling light” or any type of lighting from above. This means that the screen will reject any overhead light, even from a compatible projector. Theoretically, you could invert the Starbright CLR® material to match with an inverted UST projector but the alignment will still not likely align properly with the human eye to deliver the ideal “sweet-spot” picture performance.


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