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The Aeon CLR® 2 is an EDGE FREE® ceiling and ambient light rejecting (ALR/CLR®) projection screen. It specializes in negating the washout effect caused by overhead and other off-axis light sources. This technology allows the CLR® 2 material to display true image brightness, color saturation and contrast for superior picture performance. As an added value, the CLR® 2 has superb black-white dynamic range over a non-textured, smooth surface that enables compatibility with 4K/8K resolution projectors. The CLR® 2 features a durable scratch-resistant coating that is easy to clean and will protect the material through many years of use. This screen material is designed for use with ultra-short throw table-top configurations as well as short throw projector arrays. An ultra-thin bezel enhances the aesthetics by providing that giant flat panel TV appearance at a fraction of the cost.

Screen Material

  • CLR® 2 Ceiling Light Rejecting® material absorbs up to 65% of overhead lighting
  • 50x contrast improvement over matte white under ambient light room conditions
  • ISF Certified for Accurate Color Reproduction
  • Anti-scratch and easy to clean
  • Compatible with Ultra and Short-throw Projectors
    (Check EliteProjector® Ultra-Short Throw Projector)
  • 4K/8K Ultra HD Ready, smooth non-textured surface


Design and Installation

  • Sleek EDGE FREE® Fixed Frame resembles a life-size flat panel TV display
  • Lightweight aluminum split-frame design
  • Wraparound design maximizes viewing area and reduces overall footprint
  • Ultra-thin black bezel trim
  • Project within a short distance without shadowing the picture
  • Designed for table-top ultra or short-throw projectors


Quality and Reliability

  • 2-Year / 3-Year ENR-G Manufacturer's Warranty by Elite Screens, an  ISO9001 manufacturer since 2004
  • Lifetime Tech Support by Elite Screens Professional Service Team through Email or Web Chat.
  • Tech Reviewer EBPMan Evaluates the Aeon CLR® 2 Ceiling Light Rejecting Screen

  • Aeon CLR® 2 Ceiling and Ambient Light Rejecting Fixed Frame Projection Screen

  • Aeon CLR® 2 Assembly/Installation

  • Ultra Short-Throw Projector Compatibility

  • How to Properly Mount a Projection Screen

  • Selecting a Screen Size Educational Video

  • ANSI Lumens and Screen Gain Educational Video


Dimensions Table

The listed measurements are for general reference only.  Please contact Elite Screens to verify product design and dimensions before attempting to integrate its products with any structural or furniture modification.  Although a manufacturer may offer product advice, it may be taken or disregarded at the integrator’s discretion. Elite Screens will not be held responsible or be otherwise liable for faulty installations.

Decoding the Model Number
Model Number = AR103H-CLR2
AR = Angular Reflective Screen Material
103 = Nominal Diagonal Size
H = HDTV 16:9 aspect ratio
CLR = Ceiling Light Rejecting® Material
2 = Version 2

Aeon CLR® 2 Dimensions Table
Model NumberDiag. SizeAspect RatioView Area (HxW)Screen MaterialGainOverall Width (A)View Width (A1)Overall Height (B)View Height (B1)Frame Width (C)Frame Depth (D)Center Support Bar Length (E)
Model NumberDiag. SizeAspect RatioView Area (HxW)Screen MaterialGainOverall Width (A)View Width (A1)Overall Height (B)View Height (B1)Frame Width (C)Frame Depth (D)Center Support Bar Length (E)
AR103H-CLR2103"16:949.8"x88.6"CLR® 2Gain 1.1589.488.650.649.80.41.346.0

Aeon CLR® 2 Series Packaging Dimensions
Model NumberDiag. SizeAspect RatioN.W. (lbs)G.W. (lbs)N.W. (kgs)G.W. (kgs)Packaging Dimensions (LxHxW)
Model NumberDiag. SizeAspect RatioN.W. (lbs)G.W. (lbs)N.W. (kgs)G.W. (kgs)Packaging Dimensions (LxHxW)
AR103H-CLR2103"16:921.9 lbs28.0 lbs9.9 kgs12.7 kgs59.1"x8.9"x11.8"




Q: I have a new UST projector in my multi-purpose room with very good light control. Considering to buy a CLR® 2 or CineGrey 3D® screen. What is the difference?
Both CLR and CineGrey 3D/5D are Ceiling Ambient Light Rejection Screen fabrics, however the CLR fabric is especially designed for Ultra Short Throw (UST) Projectors to reject ambient light. The CineGrey 3D/5D are typically made for standard “long-throw” projectors and require the projected light (angle in) to reflect (angle out) at the same angle to the viewer's eyes, "sweet spot". Click Here for Video Reference


Q: How do I determine the direction of the CLR/CLR 2/CLR 3/ CLR 4 materials??
Click Here for Instructions


Q: Is there a reason Elite Screens no longer offers 2.35:1 aspect ratio screens? I'm new to home theater and only watch movies in the room, not TV or sports. So, it seemed to be more dramatic to go with the 2.35:1 wide-screen format.
A: The 2.35:1 is primarily for a dedicated home cinema room. With this said, we have left this aspect ratio to our sister company EPV Screens which specializes in dedicated home theater projection screens.

Please visit, www.epvscreens.com for more information on the sizes they carry.


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