ChromaFlux Screen Paint

Elite Screens- ChromaFlux Screen Paint


ChromaFluxScreenPaint 5DS2 is a water based high gain projection screen paint for 2D and 3D applications.  It is also described as an alr screen paint or ambient light rejecting  diy projector screen paint.
Screen projector paint is a truly versatile solution that allows nearly any wall space to be transformed into a theater quality projection surface. ScreenPaint 5DS2 possesses similar characteristics as our award winning CineGrey 5D front projection material. The projector screen paint is designed to improve contrast levels, correcting color balance, and ambient light rejection for presentations in dark or well-lit rooms. The 1.4 gain movie screen paint provides a brighter image with sharper contrast that retains up to  96% polarization levels with 3D content.  As a home theater screen paint, Elite’s ScreenPaint 5DS2 allows you to create up to a 140” diagonal size in 16:9 aspect ratio projection surface comprised entirely as a paint for projector screen use.
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