Electric Screens - Floor Rising

Elite Screens - Kestrel Home Series


Roll up screens come in a variety of designs and a floor standing projector screen is often the best pull up projector screen option. A free-standing projector screen is the ideal solution when wall or ceiling installations are impractical for the common roll up projector screen. While many may rely upon a portable floor pull up projector screen, an electric floor projector screen makes that dramatic entrance that only a more sophisticated projection system can bring. Elite offers a motorized pop up projector screen for virtually every occasion. The floor rising projector screen has a stylish black gloss finish and comes fully assembled. It uses a cross-rising apparatus driven by a tubular motor with superior weight tolerance and variable height settings. It uses a GREENGUARD® certified fiberglass-backed matte white (MaxWhite® FG) projection material with RF remote control package. Roll up projection screens have the convenient feature of packing away neatly when not in use, but floor rising projector screens magnify the versatility by combining a professional grade surface in a retractable format as a standing projector screen.