Awesome screen and worth the money!

Awesome screen and worth the money! This was my first projector screen purchase as I was replacing my plasma tv. This screen is paired with the Epson 5030uBE. I was not sure whether to buy a super expensive screen ,or a really cheap one ,or middle of the road,etc. I was worried about buying this screen due to some of the reviews showing ripped edges and cheap quality, but they must have fixed that issue because my screen is great(Elite Screens Aeon, 100in, edgeless, white). It did take a good amount of time putting together as I was being careful and it was just me putting it together. The screen material is really stretchy and you may not think it will fit over the frame but I assure you it will.

The picture is amazing at night/in a dark room and is every bit as good, possibly better than my old plasma. I have no regrets buying this screen and no complaints. I would buy it again and would recommend to buy.

Aeon Series

Jeremy K.

This is a fantastic screen!

This is a fantastic screen! We were able to assemble our 120-inch diagonal screen quite easily, following the included directions. It took two of us just about 20 minutes, mainly because we were taking our time and being very deliberate with each step. The workmanship is superb. Everything lined up perfectly. And hanging it took just a little bit of care, as the clips are very close to the wall. Since we were able to hit two studs, we only used one screw per clip. The material reflects our projector very well. It looks great in a dark room as well as with some ambient light in the room. Overall, we couldn’t be happier with our purchase.

Aeon Series – AR120DHD3

DC from NC - Amazon.com Customer Review

A must buy

Absolutely, positively a must buy for any home theater!!!!! The clarity of the aeon grey elite screen is amazing.

Aeon Series – AR100DHD3

jason - From an Amazon.com Customer Review

This screen is excellent. Though I have a dim room and control over ambient light I went with this option because of the CineGrey 3D® material has a 1.2 gain (which boosts brightness) and is ambient light rejecting. My projector is an Epson 2045 which pumps out 2200 white/2200 color lumens (according to Epson). Because of the material’s color (grey), it helps boost black levels. If you have an LCD-based projector, which sometimes gets a bad rap as struggling with black levels, this screen can help. I was worried about that but when the picture was up on the screen the black levels looked fine.

The screen basically looks like a giant LED. One thing to consider too, is that though this is tad pricey, having a great screen can last you a long time. It is much more likely that you’ll be rotating the projector than the screen in years to come. Thus, it’s a wise investment if you are heading down the projector route.

Aeon Series, Model Number: AR135DHD3

Rob - Amazon.com Customer Review

Great screen. Love the frameless look.

I love the frameless design. Assembly was quite easy and hanging with the two brackets extremely easy. With only two brackets to worry about, leveling was spot on right away.

The screen got crinkled a bit during assembly, but the micro creases have been working their way out over the past few days. I am using it without the black velvet and love the look. One downside of the design is that the screen is very tight up top, but gradually pulls away from the wall since there are no included brackets for the bottom. They really should include four brackets. I found some mirror brackets at lowes that pretty much did the trick and Elite is sending me two more of their brackets which are definitely more heavy duty.

All in all this screen is great and a bargain to boot. And I was able to go from a 103″ to a 110″ due to the frameless design.


toneygeno - Amazon.com Customer Review